Jeremiah 8
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Graves. They might suppose that they would find treasures in them, as the tombs of Semiramis, Cyrus, &c., were thus enriched. This inhumanity seems to have taken place before the last siege, Baruch ii. 24. (Calmet)Quזque carent ventis et solibus ossa Quirini

Nefas videre dissipabit insoleas.----- (Horace, epod. 16.)

--- Cruelty and avarice cause persecutors to act thus. (Worthington)

Again. Why then do not the people strive to repent?

Stork. These birds retire at the approach of winter to warmer climates. In Poland swallows plunge into marshes, like frogs. If instinct teach them to do so, for their preservation, is it not strange that men should be so inconsiderate?

Falsehood. The impostors have deceived you, and they are themselves taken prisoners. (Calmet)

Them. Those who understand, and do not observe the law, are not wise. (Worthington)

Others. Idumeans, &c. Yet most part of the land remained uncultivated. (Calmet) --- The rest, to ver. 13., "they will collect their fruits, says," &c., is supplied by Grabe. (Haydock)

They are. Or, "are they?" &c. (St. Jerome) --- No, they are too hardened, chap. vi. 14.

Gather into Jerusalem, to be butchered. (Calmet) --- Away. They are now in the greatest distress. (Haydock) --- This probably happened a little before the last siege, chap. xiv.

Silent, in utter destruction, 1 Kings ii. 9. We cannot be in a worse condition.

Dan, by which the Chaldeans must pass, chap. iv. 15. Many have hence inferred that antichrist will be the serpent (ver. 17.) of the tribe of Dan, Genesis xlix. 17. (Calmet)

Charm. The Chaldeans will not be moved to pity (Menochius) by any words. (Worthington)

Me. God, Jeremias, the people, or rather Jerusalem bewails her children. (Calmet)

Sion. Thus the people complain, (Menochius) or God answers them that they had no reason to have recourse to idols for protection. (Calmet)

Saved. Our hopes of redress are vanished. We must still pine away for want of food. (Haydock) --- The siege continues, though we had been assured it would shortly be terminated. (Calmet) --- It commenced January 30, the year of the world 3414. Soon after Nabuchodonosor went to meet Pharao, and having defeated him, returned about June, the year of the world 3415, and after 390 days took the city, 27th of July, the year of the world 3416. (Usher) (Chap. xxxix. 2.) (Calmet) (Ezechiel iv. 5.) (Haydock)

I. Jeremias. (Menochius) --- The prophet continues to speak in the next chapter.

Balm, (resina) "turpentine," (Calmet) which was much used. (Dioscor. i. 66.) --- Galaad was famous for the best, chap. xlvi. 11., and Genesis xxxvii. 25. --- Closed? Have I not sent prophets? But they will not be healed. (Calmet)

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