Jeremiah 6
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Strengthen. Hebrew also, "Flee, Benjamites, from the midst," &c. Jerusalem belonged partly to this tribe, which prided itself on its valour. --- Thecua was in the lot of Juda, 15 miles south of Jerusalem. --- North. The Chaldeans approach, chap. i. 13. (Calmet)

Shepherds. So captains are styled, because they feed and govern soldiers. (Worthington)

Prepare. Literally, "sanctify." Observe the usual formalities of demanding reparation, offering victims, &c. The Chaldeans thus encourage one another, and will allow themselves no rest day or night, ver. 5.

Cold. Hebrew, "come forth." All the citizens imitate her vices.

Instructed, by afflictions and prosperity, by public and internal admonitions. Willful ignorance is criminal, and drives God away, chap. li. 9., and Psalm lxxx. 12.

Basket. Chaldeans, destroy all. Nabuchodonosor took Joakim twice, and afterwards Jechonias and Sedecias, chap. xxix. 2.

Uncircumcised. Impure and deaf. (Calmet) --- Non vocat impossibilitas supplicio quז de contemptu et infidelitate descendit. (St. Jerome)

In. Jeremias is indignant. The Lord then orders him to pour, or declare what will ensue. (Calmet)

Prophet. Septuagint, "false prophet," chap. iv. 31. (Haydock)

Disgracefully. They shall be ashamed, when the contrary to what they declared shall come to pass, chap. viii. 11.

Paths, of patriarchs, and of Moses. Avoid novelty in religion. (Calmet) --- This advice is very applicable to the present generation. (Haydock)

Watchmen. Prophets, Ezechiel iii. 17., and xxxiii. 2.

Congregation. Septuagint, "shepherds feeding their flocks have heard." The Chaldeans are apprised of my resolution against Juda. (Calmet) --- After the Jews had been called repeatedly in vain, the Gentiles obey, Matthew x. 5. (Worthington)

To me. For want of proper dispositions; otherwise the offerings of the best things were enjoined, and commendable. The Jews are taught not to depend on external observances, while they neglect the heart. (Calmet)

North. As Babylon lay with respect to Jerusalem, (Worthington) or rather to the east. (Haydock)

Only son. Let thy grief be extraordinary, Amos viii. 10., and Zacharias xii. 10.

Trier of my people, as of gold in the furnace, Job xxii. 25.

Bellows, or crucible. --- Lead, which was intermixed to purify the dross (St. Jerome) of gold and silver. But brass and iron could not be thus purified. All would be lost labour. Afflictions do not correct the obstinate. (Calmet)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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