Jeremiah 26
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Beginning, after Joakim had reigned some time, ver. 21.

Word. This example all pastors should follow, in the midst of dangers. (Calmet)

If. God is not ignorant, (Calmet) but he preserves man's free-will. (St. Jerome) --- He threatens conditionally, if people persist in evil. (Worthington)

Silo. Chap. vii. 12. (Calmet) --- Curse. No greater punishment could be threatened or endured in this world. (Haydock)

Death. The pretext was plausible, as God seemed to have promised the temple an eternal duration, 3 Kings ix. 3. The Jews accused Christ of the like crime, Matthew xxvi. 61. Such questions were brought before the sanhedrim and priests, chap. xxvi. 57. But the latter are here (Calmet) the chief accusers with "the false prophets." (Septuagint) (Haydock) --- The princes, moved by the elders, (ver. 17.) acquit the prophet, (Calmet) at the persuasion of Ahicam, ver. 24. Several priests would probably judge along with the other princes, as the examination of impostors belonged chiefly to their tribunal. (Haydock) --- All is often used for most part. (Worthington)

Sent me. This was a complete justification. (Calmet) --- None could deny but Jeremias had all the characters of a true prophet, ver. 16. (Haydock)

All. The populace easily changes either for better or for worse. (Worthington)

Ancients. They declare what happened about 100 years before, respecting Micheas iii. 12. (Calmet)

Mountain. Sion, on which the house of the Lord was built. Conquerors have sometimes ploughed up cities. (Calmet) --- Jam seges est ubi Troja fuit. (Ovid, ep. i.)

There was. The adversaries make this reply, or the others contrast the conduct of Joakim with the piety of Ezechias.

Egypt, as a seditious person....Joakim was tributary to Pharao.

Ahicam. A man employed under Josias, (4 Kings xxii. 12.) and father of Godolias, who was also the protector of Jeremias, chap. xxxix. 14., and 4 Kings xxv. 22. (Calmet)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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