Jeremiah 14
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Drought, during the last siege, (ver. 18.; St. Jerome) or after the captivity of Jechonias; (chap. viii. 13.) though the famine might happen in the days of Josias, Joel i. (Calmet) --- This scourge was in punishment of sin, and signified the privation of grace. (Worthington)

Water. Siloe was the only spring near, and it was often dry, (St. Jerome) though it was formerly abundant, (Josephus, Jewish Wars vi. 6.) as well as the fountain of Gehon. The city was furnished with cisterns. (Calmet) --- But all was now dry. (Haydock) --- Heads; mourning, 2 Kings xv. 30.

Field. They prefer places frequented by men. (Pliny, [Natural History?] viii. 32.)

Wind, for refreshment. --- Failed, through want, though they be very piercing.

Sake. We have the honour to be called thy people. We urge no merit of our own.

Lodge. The Fathers apply this to our Saviour, in a spiritual sense. (Calmet)

Wandering. Septuagint, "sleeping;" (Haydock) or as a boaster, who thinks himself strong. (Worthington) --- Upon us. Shall strangers rule over thy people?

Rested. They are inconstant, fond of novelties, and apply to idols.

Good, that the drought may be removed. (Calmet) See chap. vii. 16., and xi. 14. (Menochius) --- "It is folly to pray for him who has sinned unto death," (St. Jerome; 1 John v. 16.) by final impenitence. (Calmet) --- Sacrifices will not benefit the impenitent. (St. Jerome)

Ah. Hebrew has only one exclamation, or three letters, which Aquila renders, Ah, ah, ah., chap. i. 6., and Ezechiel iv. 14. (Haydock) --- Jeremias lays the blame on false prophets. (Calmet) --- Yet they afford no excuse to thy followers. Both fall into the ditch. (Worthington)

My. Septuagint, "your eyes." Jeremias shews by his tears the future misery. (Calmet) --- Virgin. Though many were sinners, the Church had some just souls. (Worthington)

Famine. Under Jechonias many were slain, and the chiefs carried into captivity, 4 Kings xxiv. 12. --- Into. Hebrew, "through the land, and are ignorant." Chaldean, "they apply to their business, to earthly concerns, and care not," chap. v. 31.

Glory; heaven, the temple or Jerusalem. How will infidels blaspheme!

Rain. Let not the people have recourse to idols, (Calmet) in despair. (Haydock)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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