Isaiah 60
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O Jerusalem, is not in Hebrew or St. Jerome, but in the Septuagint. Some few things may refer to the terrestrial Jerusalem, though the prophet speaks chiefly of the celestial and of the Church. --- Lord, very great. Christ came to save us. (Calmet) --- God prevents by his grace, but man must co-operate to be justified. (Worthington)

People. Babylon shall suffer, while thou art relieved. (Calmet) --- The Gentiles continue in darkness till they embrace the faith, ver. 3. (Haydock) --- Only those who are in the Church receive the light of truth. (Worthington)

Rising. The three wise men were the first. [Matthew ii.]

Rise up. St. Jerome, "suck," as the Hebrew may imply. (Calmet) --- Septuagint, "shall be carried on the shoulders." (Haydock) --- This may refer to the captives and to the Church.

Wonder. Hebrew and Septuagint in St. Jerome, "fear." This sensation is often mixed with joy, Matthew xxviii. 8. --- Thee. No such nations joined the Jews, as they did the Church.

Epha. Abraham's grandson, who dwelt near his father, Madian, in Arabia, which was famous for camels. (Calmet) --- Saba. India mittit ebur, molles sua thura Sabזi? (Geor. i.) --- The Arabians embraced the gospel, but never brought their treasures to Jerusalem. (Calmet) --- The three kings came on swift beasts to adore Christ, and fulfilled his prophecy, Matthew ii. (Worthington)

Cedar and Nabaioth sprung from Ismael, and dwelt in desert Arabia, under tents, feeding flocks. (St. Jerome) (Ezechiel xxvii. 21.) --- They also were converted to Christ.

Clouds. They are thy children, accompanied by strangers.

Afar. All nations shall receive the gospel. Many made presents to the temple, after the return of the Jews. (Calmet) --- The islands, Great Britain, &c., embrace the faith. (Tertullian; Origen; Ven. Bede; St. Chrysostom, &c.) (Worthington)

To thee. The Persians monarchs (Calmet) were mostly favourable to the Jews. (Haydock) --- The Gentiles help to form the Church, which rejects no one, ver. 11.

Desolation. Though the Machabees conquered several nations, this can only be verified in the Church of Christ, to which God has subjected all; so that out of his faith none can be saved, Hebrews ii. 8.

Glory; cedar, which was chiefly used in building the temple, 1 Esdras iii. 7. (Calmet) --- This must be explained of the saints, who founded the Church, &c. (St. Jerome) --- Emperors became Christians, with the most potent nations. (Worthington)

Feet. Protestants, "shall bow themselves down at the soles of thy feet." This posture is not then essentially idolatrous. (Haydock) --- Jerusalem shall be rebuilt by those who destroyed it, chap. xlix. 17. It is not easy to prove this of the earthly city: but the pagans, who persecuted the Church, have embraced her communion, and begged to receive baptism.

Kings. Thou shalt be treated like royal babes, chap. xlix. 23. (Calmet) --- Septuagint, "and thou shalt eat the riches of kings." (Haydock)

Visitation. Septuagint, "give thy chiefs in peace, and thy bishops in justice." St. Clement of Rome (ad Corinthians) reads, "I will appoint their bishops in justice, and their deacons in faith." (Calmet) --- The Scripture thus specifies the name and duties of the pastors of the Church (St. Jerome)

Gates. Jerusalem was not less corrupt after the captivity than before, if we except idolatry. (Calmet) --- Heaven alone enjoys a perfect peace and freedom from sin, (St. Cyril, &c.) though the Church is always holy. (Haydock)

Thou shalt, &c. In this latter part of the chapter, the prophet passes from the illustrious promises made to the Church militant on earth, to the glory of the Church triumphant in heaven. (Challoner) --- Glory. St. John seems to have copied this, Apocalypse xviii., &c.


The least of the apostles shall bring many converts, (Calmet) or shall be spiritual (Haydock) governor of a great city, (Micheas v. 2.) in the Church militant. (Calmet) --- A small shoot, or family, in the Church, shall produce many others. (Menochius)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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