Isaiah 58
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Sins. During the captivity, ver. 11. (St. Thomas Aquinas) --- Some will not hear, and those must be rebuked with all patience, till they follow virtue. (Worthington)

Approach, and contend with God, scrutinizing his conduct, (Proverbs xxv. 27.) and doing good for the sake of applause and self-interest.

Will. This alone suggested their fasts, and they did not shew compassion, Ezechiel vii. 2. (Calmet) --- Debtors, who are not able to pay. (St. Jerome) (Deuteronomy xxiv. 12.)

Strife. The usual works were interrupted. The Church formerly forbade law-suits on fast-days. --- Fist. Matthew xviii. 28. --- Wickedly. Septuagint, "the humble."

Circle. They affected extreme debility, Matthew vi. 16. (Calmet) --- Ashes. These external marks of penance are not condemned, but the want of corresponding sentiments. (Haydock) --- Protestants would hence infer that fasting from flesh is not requisite, or a religious worship. But St. Jerome shews the contrary, provided it be joined with the observance of other commandments, as the saints and Christ himself have shewn us. (Worthington)

Bands. Contracts of usury, &c. (Calmet)

Deal. Literally, "break." (Haydock) --- Thin cakes are still used in the East. --- Flesh, or relation, Genesis xxvii. 27.

Light. Prosperity, (Calmet) or Saviour. (Haydock) --- Matthew iv. 2., and John i. 8. (Calmet) --- Health. Aquila, "the scar of thy wound shall soon be covered." (St. Jerome) --- Up. He shall close the rear, like the angel in the cloud, Exodus xiii. 21., and xiv. 19. He will grant thee rest from bondage in the grave and in heaven. (Calmet)

Finger, contemptuously, or threatening. (St. Jerome) --- Some explain it of the ordaining sacred ministers, or taking another's property.

Soul, effectually, and with love relieving the distressed. (Calmet)

Fail. Alexandrian Septuagint adds, "and thy bones as a flower shall spring and grow fat, and shall inherit ages of ages." St. Jerome says this is not in the best copies. (Haydock)

Generation. As the Jews did not comply with the condition, the Church falls heir to these promises.

Sabbath, doing no work, or refraining from the violation of festivals. --- Delightful. We must not think the sabbath of the Lord a loss: (Amos viii. 5.) but rejoice in praising him, Psalm xlv. 11. (Calmet) --- A word, or to apply to God's word. (Grotius) --- Pious reading on holidays is the duty of all who have an opportunity. (Haydock)

Earth. Judea. (Calmet) --- Septuagint, "upon the good things of the land." (Haydock)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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