Isaiah 35 Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Isaiah 35
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Lily. Judea flourishes under Ezechias: but the Church does more so after the coming of Christ, to whom these expressions conduct us. (Calmet) --- The Gentiles shall be converted and flourish, as this text shews. (Worthington)

Joy. The primitive Christians rejoiced in a good conscience, and in suffering for the truth.

Knees. Ye prophets, comfort the people with these promises. (Calmet) --- The apostles taught the Gentiles to do good. (Menochius)

Recompense. Christ will satisfy the justice of his Father. (Haydock) --- He will redeem the world, and refute the false interpretations of the Bible. (Calmet) --- He will bring the devil into subjection. (Menochius)

Free. Our Saviour healed both soul and body, (Calmet) shewing by his works (John x.; Worthington) that he had fulfilled this prediction, Luke vii. 22., and Matthew xi. 5. --- Waters. Baptism has sanctified the most wicked.

Dragons. Sea monsters, chap. xxxiv. 13. (Calmet) --- All shall be in proper order, neither too dry nor too wet. (Haydock)

Way, leading to Jerusalem. Idolaters, &c., shall not be there, chap. lii. 1. This was only verified (Calmet) in the Catholic Church, where, though some wicked may be found, the truth still prevails; and holiness can be obtained no where else. (Haydock) --- This Church is unspotted, Ephesians v. 27. (Calmet) --- Fools. The most simple may learn what is necessary for salvation, (Menochius) which will never be done by consulting Scripture alone. (Haydock)

Lion. The devil's power shall be repressed, so that none will be deluded except by their own fault. (Menochius)

Sion. Before the defeat of Sennacherib, the roads were unsafe, chap. xxxviii. 8. (Calmet)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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