Isaiah 31
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Chariots. He continues to inveigh against this practice, chap. xxx. 16. (Calmet) --- Salmanasar will ruin the ten tribes. (Menochius)

Words. The Lord will punish the wicked Jews, (Calmet) after the Egyptians. (Josephus, [Antiquities?] x. 1.) --- The former would not believe the prophets. (Worthington)

Hand. If God neglect to support empires, they fall of themselves.

Thereof. He will thence hurl destruction on the distant enemy. (Calmet) --- He had destroyed Sennacherib's army, 4 Kings xix. Yet they forgot this and other proofs of God's power and love. (Worthington)

Over. He will protect Jerusalem, notwithstanding the menaces of Sennacherib, as he did his people from the destroying angel.

Revolted. Let your conversion bear proportion (Calmet) with your sins. (Haydock)

Idols. Their worship was afterwards more severely prohibited, chap. xxx. 21.

Flee not. Hebrew, "flee to himself," lo. Septuagint and Vulgate have read la, "not." The angel destroyed the army, and the king was slain at his return. --- Tributaries. Ninive being afterwards subject to the Chaldeans, &c. (Calmet) --- Hebrew, "shall melt." (Vatable)

Strength. Hebrew, "rock," the king. --- Jerusalem, to protect it, (Calmet) and punish the guilty. (Chaldean)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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