Isaiah 23
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Tyre was destroyed, in part, by Nabuchodonosor. Cyrus permitted all the captives of this, as well as of other countries, to return. --- Cethim; Cyrus, or rather Macedonia. Merchants come thence no longer.

Island. Tyre was originally surrounded with water. A communication with the land was made afterwards, Josue xix. 29. (Calmet) (Ezechiel xxvii.) (Worthington)

Nile. Hebrew Shichor, or "muddy water," designates that river, Josue xiii. 3. --- River. The overflowing of the Nile gave fertility to Egypt, insomuch that Tyre and other nations were supplied by it with corn.

Strength: people who sail. Septuagint, "but the strength....replied: I," &c. Sidon will not be concerned for the fall of her rival. She alleges that she has nothing to do with Tyre. That city would not allow that it was a colony of Sidon, ver. 12. (Calmet)

Seas. The rich Tyrians did so. (St. Jerome) --- Septuagint, "to Carthage." Hebrew Tharsis, is Cilicia. (Calmet) --- Hence Nabuchodonosor did not find a sufficient reward, Ezechiel xxix. 18.

Sojourn. Many fled, others were made captives.

Earth. The merchants were as rich as kings, or the latter sent their merchandise to Tyre, Ezechiel xxvii. 33.

Girdle, fortress; or rather, thou art naked, like a slave, chap. xx. 4.

Daughter; colony. (Calmet) --- Oppressed. Literally, "calumniated." (Haydock)

It. Hebrew adds, "for fishermen." It was formerly covered with water. (Eusebius, prזp. ix.) --- Ruin. The fall of Babylon has been denounced, chap. xiii.

King Nabuchodonosor, whose two sons reigned but a short time. The captivity of the people of God began also the year of the world 3398, and ended the year of the world 3468, the first of Cyrus. --- Harlot. She shall be re-established, (Calmet) and shall invite people to her markets. (Sanchez) --- Before Cyrus, she had kings, but they were of small power. The city was become very rich, and well fortified, when Alexander [the Great] was stopped by it for seven months. See Ezechiel xxvi. 14. (Calmet) --- Tyre had rejoiced at the misfortunes of the Hebrews, and was punished by the like captivity. (Worthington)

Commit. Septuagint, "be the emporium for all." Great injustice prevailed formerly among merchants, so that it is represented as a dishonest calling. (Haydock)

Sanctified to the Lord. This alludes to the conversion of the Gentiles. (Challoner) --- Before, the Tyrian were great enemies to the Jews, 2 Esdras xiii. 16., and 1 Machabees v. 15. Our Saviour wrought a miracle in favour of one of this country, Matthew v. 22., and Zacharias viii. 20. (Calmet) --- Continuance. Literally, "old age." Aquila, "with changes of dress." (Haydock)

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