Ezekiel 34
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Shepherds. That is, princes, magistrates, chief priests, and scribes. (Challoner) --- Shepherds may lawfully take milk, (1 Corinthians ix. 7.) but the sheep and its wool belong to the master. (Worthington) --- Excellent instructions are here given for all in authority. (Calmet)

Fat. Pastors often disguise the truth to flatter the rich, or the more just souls are ruined by their negligence.

Healed. God alone can restore to life. But pastors will not be excused by ignorance if they know not the maladies and the remedies of their flock. --- Hand. This was blamed in the Pharisees, and is contrary to the spirit of the gospel, Matthew xxiii. 4., and 1 Peter v. 2.

Field. The people being neglected, followed false prophets and idols. Their teachers were so far from striving to reclaim them, that they perhaps shewed them the example. (Calmet)

No shepherd. Pastors who seek only their temporal advantage, (1 Timothy vi. 5., and Titus i. 7.; Haydock) are hirelings; and if they teach false doctrine, they are wolves, John x. (Worthington)

Cease. Both the leaders and the people were led into captivity.

Day, in persecution. I will count my sheep, lest any be lost.

Land. All this cannot be understood of the synagogue alone.

Preserve, (Septuagint, Syriac) which seems more natural than Hebrew and Chaldean, "destroy." I will not eat them, like bad shepherds, ver. 3. (Calmet) --- God and those whom he sends, will take care of the flock, Ephesians iv. (Worthington)

Cattle. The crimes of the pastors do not excuse the flock. In it there are people of different dispositions. The rich often destroy, and these are brought to an account, ver. 24. (Calmet)

David; Christ, who is of the house of David. (Calmet) --- That king had been dead long before, so that no Jew or heretic can deny but that the Messias is here meant, as [in] chap. xxxvii. 24., &c. (Worthington) --- He possessed eminently all the virtues of David, and was of his seed. Zorobabel, &c., cannot be understood, as we have no proof that the governors after the captivity were chosen from the tribe of Juda, chap. xxi. 27.

Peace. Christ pacifies all, Romans xv. 33., Micheas v. 5., and Ephesians vi. 15. --- Beasts: those who promote idolatry; or, speaking of Christians, who teach heretical doctrine and persecute the Church. (Calmet)

Make. Literally, "place." (Haydock) --- Septuagint read not a blessing, which seems superfluous. (Calmet) --- Yet Chaldean has it, and the idea is more complete. (Haydock)

A bud of renown, (germen nominatum.) He speaks of Christ, our Lord, the illustrious bud of the house of David, renowned over all the earth. See Jeremias xxxiii. 15. (Challoner) --- Septuagint, Syriac, "a plant of peace." Chaldean, "established." (Calmet)

Men. What has been said of sheep (Menochius) relates to you. --- Am the Lord. This is not in Hebrew or Protestants. (Haydock) --- But it is found in one Hebrew manuscript and Septuagint, as this version is thus frequently confirmed. (Kennicott, Dis. ii.)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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