Ezekiel 22
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Blood. Why dost thou cease to admonish and rebuke the people? (Worthington) --- Pronounce sentence on Jerusalem, (Haydock) for her cruelties. (Calmet)

Hath. Septuagint, "was mixed with his relations," ver. 10., &c., (Haydock) fighting against them. (Theodoret)

Sabbaths, by servile works, and by their sinful deportment.

Slanderers, hateful to all, Leviticus xix. 16., and Proverbs xi. 13. --- Mountains. Chap. xviii. 6.

Father, his widow, their mother-in-law, or one of his wives.

Increase. Chap. xviii. 18. (Calmet) --- Me. "The remembrance of God excludes all sins." (St. Jerome)

Hands, through surprise and sorrow. (Calmet) --- God wishes the sinner's salvation, Genesis vi. 6. (Worthington)

In thee. I will purify thee by violent medicines. (Calmet)

Possess, "as an inheritance:" (Septuagint; Haydock) "I will defile:" (Aquila) "wound thee." (Symmachus) Hebrew is very different: (Calmet) "thou hast inherited in thyself," (Haydock) being no longer willing to be subject.

Dross. Hebrew, "a mixture." Septuagint, "God will purify the silver," Isaias iv. 4.

Rained upon, or watered with the instructions of the prophets, chap. xx. 46.

Conspiracy. The false prophets defend each other, (Calmet) while the priests connive at their proceedings, (Haydock) and set the example of wickedness.

Without. Septuagint, "they shall fall, seeing," &c.

None like Abraham, Moses, &c. (Calmet) --- The prayers of the just are very powerful; and God wishes them to exert themselves for sinners. (St. Jerome) (Worthington)


Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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