Ezekiel 19
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Princes: sons of Josias, who were so wretched. The latter part of this beautiful canticle, or allegory, (ver. 10.) regards Sedecias. (Calmet)

Lioness; Jerusalem (Challoner) which made alliances with the lions, or nations. (Calmet)

Whelps; Joachaz, or Sellum, (Challoner) who reigned only three months, like his brother Jechonias. (Haydock) --- The four last kings were all cruel. (Worthington)

But. Hebrew, "he was taken in their pit," (Protestants; Haydock) as also [in] ver. 8. Septuagint, "in his or their corruption." We do not read that Joachaz fought, (Calmet) though this passage insinuates as much. (Sanctius) (4 Kings xxiii. 30., &c.)

Lions: Joakim. (Challoner) --- He reigned eleven years; but was such a monster, that the prophet does not speak of him or bewail his fate, 4 Kings xxiii. 34., and Jeremias xxii. 19. His words are applicable to Jechonias alone; who was cruel and banished to Babylon, ver. 8. (Calmet)

Nations: rovers of Chaldea, Syria, &c., 4 Kings xxiv. 2. (Worthington) --- Wounds. Hebrew, "pit." He was besieged, (4 Kings xxiv. 11.; Calmet) and gave himself up. (Haydock)

Blood. She has given birth to many kings. (Menochius) --- The original may be inaccurate, and perhaps should be, "a vine-tree or branch:" (Calmet) cormoc instead of bedammecha. Septuagint read kerimmon, "like a rose-flower," planted, &c. (Haydock) --- He speaks of Sedecias more obscurely. (Calmet) --- The kingdom had flourished under David and Solomon. It afterwards lost its splendour under wicked kings, and all the tribes were removed. (Worthington)

Rods. The king had many children, and confided in them, but they were slain.

Dry; unfit for vine-trees. He speaks of the prison of Babylon. (Calmet) --- The country was naturally wet. (Haydock)

Fire. Ismael, who slew Godolias, was of the royal family, Jeremias xli., &c. (Calmet)

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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