2 Chronicles 18
Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary
Affinity, taking Achab's daughter for his son's wife. T. C. xxi. 6., and 3 K. xxii.

War. Josaphat was too complaisant. He was rebuked by the son of Hanani, as Asa had been by his father; (chap. xvi. 7.) and, not long after, Eliezer reproached him for joining in alliance with Ochozias, C. xx. C. --- He acted without an ill intention, and was more easily pardoned. W.

Hands. He ironically (C.) alludes to the declarations of the false prophets. H.

Ye. In 3 K., he addresses his discourse chiefly to Achab. C.


Said. See 3 K. xxii. The Rabbins pretend that the spirit of Naboth came forth. But it was satan, or an evil spirit. T.

So. The Lord permits evil, but he does not approve of it. C. --- Homer makes Jupiter send a deluding dream to Agamemnon. Iliad B. --- The delusive predictions of impostors, are one great source of calamities. D.

Amelech. Sept. and Syriac, "to Joas, the commander, son of the father. H. --- He had perhaps the government of affairs at Samaria, during his king." Achab's absence. T.

People. Mark what I say. The event will quickly prove whether I am a prophet or an impostor. H.

Dress. Prot. "disguised himself, and they went." See 3 K. xxii. 30.

Turned. Heb. "moved them from him." They felt that he was under God's protection; and discovered that he was not the king of Israel. H.

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary

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