Job 26
Gaebelein's Annotated Bible
But Job answered and said,
CHAPTER 26Job’s Reply

1. A sarcastic beginning (Job 26:1-4)

2. Job also knows and can speak of the greatness of God (Job 26:5-14)

Job 26:1-4. You have helped me greatly, Bildad, me, who am without power. Whom dost thou instruct anyway? And what kind of a spirit is it which speaks through thee? In other words he means to say, I have no more use for your argument at all.

Job 26:5-14. But let me, Bildad, tell you something about the greatness of God before which your words pale into nothing. And so he utters a description of God’s greatness which is indeed greater than Bildad’s. And after this sublime unfolding of God’s greatness and power, he truthfully says:

Lo, these are but the outlines of His ways

A whisper only do we hear of Him

But who can comprehend the thunder of His power?

Gaebelein's Annotated Bible

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