Acts 28:9
So when this was done, others also, which had diseases in the island, came, and were healed:
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(9) Others also, which had diseases.—More accurately, the others who had infirmities. The Greek gives the article, and states the fact that there was something like a rush, continuing for some length of time, of all the sick people in the island to profit by the Apostle’s power of healing. On the difference between the terms used for diseases, see Note on Matthew 4:23.

28:1-10 God can make strangers to be friends; friends in distress. Those who are despised for homely manners, are often more friendly than the more polished; and the conduct of heathens, or persons called barbarians, condemns many in civilized nations, professing to be Christians. The people thought that Paul was a murderer, and that the viper was sent by Divine justice, to be the avenger of blood. They knew that there is a God who governs the world, so that things do not come to pass by chance, no, not the smallest event, but all by Divine direction; and that evil pursues sinners; that there are good works which God will reward, and wicked works which he will punish. Also, that murder is a dreadful crime, one which shall not long go unpunished. But they thought all wicked people were punished in this life. Though some are made examples in this world, to prove that there is a God and a Providence, yet many are left unpunished, to prove that there is a judgment to come. They also thought all who were remarkably afflicted in this life were wicked people. Divine revelation sets this matter in a true light. Good men often are greatly afflicted in this life, for the trial and increase of their faith and patience. Observe Paul's deliverance from the danger. And thus in the strength of the grace of Christ, believers shake off the temptations of Satan, with holy resolution. When we despise the censures and reproaches of men, and look upon them with holy contempt, having the testimony of our consciences for us, then, like Paul, we shake off the viper into the fire. It does us no harm, except we are kept by it from our duty. God hereby made Paul remarkable among these people, and so made way for the receiving of the gospel. The Lord raises up friends for his people in every place whither he leads them, and makes them blessings to those in affliction.A bloody flux - Greek: dysentery.

And laid his hands on him ... - In accordance with the promise of the Saviour, Mark 16:18. This miracle was a suitable return for the hospitality of Publius, and would serve to conciliate further the kindness of the people, and prepare the way for Paul's usefulness.

9. this … done, others … came and were healed—"kept coming to [us] and getting healed," that is, during our stay, not all at once [Webster and Wilkinson]. The fame of this cure, wrought so suddenly, perfectly, and only with the laying on of Paul’s hands, could not but spread far and near; especially being done upon the governor: and men are usually very careful about their bodily health and welfare. So that their diseases were blessed occasions to bring them to the knowledge of God in Christ, whom Paul preached; and they might have perished eternally if they had not perished (or been thus near unto perishing) temporally.

So when this was done,.... This miracle was wrought, and the fame of it spread over the island:

others also which had diseases in the island came: from all parts of it, to the apostle:

and were healed; of whatsoever diseases they were afflicted with.

{5} So when this was done, others also, which had diseases in the island, came, and were healed:

(5) Although Paul was a captive, yet the power of God was not captive.

Acts 28:9. ἐθεραπεύοντο: “were cured,” R.V. Lekebusch, pp. 382, 393, and Holtzmann, in loco, think that the medical skill of St. Luke may also have been instrumental in effecting these cures, and this is urged on the ground that ἡμᾶς, Acts 28:10, intimates that not only St. Paul received honour in return for the cures effected. But such a conjecture must remain quite uncertain, although it is no doubt quite possible that as we have here a verb which properly denotes medical treatment (cf. θεραπεία, Luke 9:11) for the restoration of health, the care (cura) of medical skill was freely added by St. Luke, and enhanced the debt which the sick owed.

9. others also] [R. V. the rest also] The latter rendering is to be preferred. It was not a few who came, but during the three months of their stay all the others who were in sickness and heard of what had been done for the father of the chief magistrate (and it was sure to be widely noised abroad) came to be cured.

who also honoured us] i.e. the whole people upon whom these benefits had been conferred honoured Paul and for his sake the rest of the party.

with many honours] No doubt these included gifts of money and such things as would be needed by travellers who had lost everything in the shipwreck: but to restrict the word to the sense of “honorarium” or fee, such as might be paid to a physician, is to narrow the meaning needlessly, and to put a construction on the proceeding which it cannot bear. The Apostle who prayed and laid his hands on the sick and healed them was not the sort of person to whom they would offer money as a fee.

and when we departed] [R. V. sailed] This is better, for the word is one constantly used of putting out to sea, and not of any ordinary departure by other modes of travel.

they laded us with such things as were necessary] [R. V. “they put on board such things as we needed”]. The bounty must have been large if we consider the number of those for whom it was given. But Publius would set the example and others would not be slow to follow it.

Verse 9. - And for so, A.V. and T.R.; the rest for others, A.V.; cured for healed, A.V. Acts 28:9
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