Deuteronomy 31
God Commissions Joshua
Transition of Leadership: From Moses to Joshua

As one chapter of leadership closed with Moses, a new one began with Joshua, a testament to God's enduring guidance for His people. Just as God remained faithful to Israel throughout their journeys, He remains faithful to us today. In times of transition or challenge, the Word of God acts as a beacon, reminding us of His steadfast love and the importance of obedience.

Verses 1-6: Moses Speaks to Israel

Moses, knowing he will not cross into the Promised Land, tells the Israelites that he is 120 years old and can no longer lead. He introduces Joshua as the chosen leader to bring them into the land. Moses also assures them of God's unwavering presence and that God will go before them, defeating their enemies.

Verses 7-8: Joshua’s Commissioning

Moses formally commissions Joshua in the presence of all Israel. He encourages Joshua to be strong and courageous because the Lord will never leave nor forsake him.

Verses 9-13: The Law to be Read

Every Seven Years Moses writes down the law and hands it over to the Levitical priests. He commands that every seven years, during the Feast of Tabernacles, this law must be read aloud to all Israel so they may listen, learn, and fear the Lord.

Verses 14-22: The Song as a Witness

The Lord tells Moses that after his death, the Israelites will turn to other gods and break the covenant. Therefore, Moses is commanded to write a song that will act as a witness against the Israelites. This song will remind them of their unfaithfulness.

Verses 23-30: Prediction of Israel’s Disobedience

God commissions Joshua and assures him of His presence. Moses then writes the song and teaches it to the Israelites. He warns them about the consequences of disobedience in the future.

Deuteronomy 31 recounts a significant moment in Israel's journey: the transition of leadership from Moses to Joshua. It underscores the importance of God's enduring presence, the challenges awaiting Israel, and the vital role of the Word in preserving faithfulness.

1. Leadership Transition
2. God's Everlasting Presence
3. Covenant and Obedience
4. The Perpetual Challenge of Faithfulness
5. The Power of the Word (Song)
1. Moses' Final Words
2. Joshua's Commissioning
3. The Song as a Witness
4. Predictions of Israel's Apostasy
1. Moses
2. Joshua
3. The Levitical priests
4. The elders of Israel
1. The land of Moab
Bible Study Questions

1. How does Moses’ acknowledgment of his age and limitations demonstrate humility?

2. Why might God have chosen Joshua as Moses' successor?

3. How does the promise of God's presence empower leaders?

4. What significance does the public commissioning of Joshua hold for the Israelites?

5. Why is it important to regularly revisit and read God's laws and commandments?

6. How does the song serve as a witness to the people's relationship with God?

7. In what ways can the Word of God act as a testimony in our lives today?

8. What are the consequences of turning away from God, as predicted for the Israelites?

9. How can we ensure a legacy of faithfulness in our own leadership roles?

10. How does God’s assurance to Joshua mirror the promises we receive in today's context?

11. Why is it crucial for leaders to prepare their successors?

12. In a world with many distractions, how can we keep God's Word central in our lives?

13. How does the anticipation of Israel’s disobedience resonate with human nature?

14. What steps can we take to prevent ourselves from becoming spiritually complacent?

15. In what ways do songs and hymns shape our spiritual journey today?

16. How can we respond when we see signs of apostasy or disobedience in our community?

17. How do modern leaders embody or lack the attributes seen in Moses and Joshua?

18. How can we ensure that our transitions in life, whether big or small, remain God-centered?

19. In the face of inevitable challenges, how can we bolster our faith and reliance on God's Word?

20. Reflecting on this chapter, how would you define a 'Godly leader' in today's society?

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