Micah 5
Contemporary English Version

A Promised Ruler

1Jerusalem, enemy troops

have surrounded you;+

they have struck Israel's ruler

in the face with a stick.

2 Bethlehem Ephrath,

you are one of the smallest towns

in the nation of Judah.

But the Lord will choose

one of your people

to rule the nation—

someone whose family

goes back to ancient times.+

3The Lord will abandon Israel

only until this ruler is born,

and the rest of his family+

returns to Israel.

4Like a shepherd

taking care of his sheep,

this ruler will lead

and care for his people

by the power and glorious name

of the Lord his God.

His people will live securely,

and the whole earth will know

his true greatness,

5because he will bring peace.

Assyria Will Be Defeated

Let Assyria attack our country

and our palaces.

We will counterattack,

led by a number of rulers

6 whose strong army will defeat

the nation of Assyria.+

Yes, our leaders will rescue us,

if those Assyrians

dare to invade our land.

The Survivors Will Be Safe

7A few of Jacob's descendants

survived and are scattered

among the nations.

But the Lord will let them

cover the earth like dew and rain

that refreshes the soil.

8At present they are scattered,

but later they will attack,

as though they were fierce lions

pouncing on sheep.

Their enemies will be torn

to shreds,

with no one to save them;

9they will be helpless,

completely destroyed.

Idols Will Be Destroyed in Israel

10The Lord said:

At that time I will wipe out

your cavalry and chariots,

11as well as your cities

and your fortresses.

12I will stop you

from telling fortunes

and practicing witchcraft.

13You will no longer worship

the idols or stone images

you have made—

I will destroy them,

14together with the sacred poles+

and even your towns.

15I will become furious

and take revenge on the nations

that refuse to obey me.


5.1 Jerusalem … you: Or “Jerusalem, you are slashing yourself in sorrow, because of the enemy troops.”
5.2 family … times: Or “kingdom is eternal.”
5.3 family: Or “people.”
5.6 the nation of Assyria: The Hebrew text uses both “land of Assyria” and “land of Nimrod,” which was a poetic name for Assyria.
5.14 sacred poles: Used in the worship of Asherah, the fertility goddess.

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