Psalm 50
Contemporary English Version

(A psalm by Asaph.)

What Pleases God

1From east to west,

the powerful Lord God

has been calling together

everyone on earth.

2God shines brightly from Zion,

the most beautiful city.

3Our God approaches,

but not silently;

a flaming fire comes first,

and a storm surrounds him.

4God comes to judge his people.

He shouts to the heavens

and to the earth,

5“Call my followers together!

They offered me a sacrifice,

and we made an agreement.”

6The heavens announce,

“God is the judge,

and he is always honest.”

7My people, I am God!

Israel, I am your God.

Listen to my charges

against you.

8Although you offer sacrifices

and always bring gifts,

9I won't accept your offerings

of bulls and goats.

10Every animal in the forest

belongs to me,

and so do the cattle

on a thousand hills.

11I know all the birds

in the mountains,

and every wild creature

is in my care.

12If I were hungry,

I wouldn't tell you,

because I own the world

and everything in it.

13I don't eat the meat of bulls

or drink the blood of goats.

14I am God Most High!

The only sacrifice I want

is for you to be thankful

and to keep your word.

15Pray to me in time of trouble.

I will rescue you,

and you will honor me.

16But to the wicked I say:

“You don't have the right

to mention my laws or claim

to keep our agreement!

17You refused correction

and rejected my commands.

18You made friends

with every crook you met,

and you liked people who break

their wedding vows.

19You talked only about violence

and told nothing but lies;

20you sat around gossiping,

ruining the reputation

of your own relatives.”

21When you did all this,

I didn't say a word,

and you thought,

“God is just like us!”

But now I will accuse you.

22You have ignored me!

So pay close attention

or I will tear you apart,

and no one can help you.

23The sacrifice that honors me

is a thankful heart.

Obey me,+ and I, your God,

will show my power to save.


50.23 Obey me: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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