Job 35
Contemporary English Version
Elihu Continues

Are You Really Innocent?

1Elihu said:

2Job, are you really innocent

in the sight of God?+

3Don't you honestly believe

it pays to obey him?

4I will give the answers

to you and your friends.

* 5Look up to the heavens

6 and think!

Do your sins hurt God?

7Is any good you may have done

at all helpful to him?

8The evil or good you do

only affects other humans.

9In times of trouble,

everyone begs the mighty God

to have mercy.

10But after their Creator

helps them through hard times,

they forget about him,

11though he makes us wiser

than animals or birds.

12God won't listen to the prayers

of proud and evil people.

13If God All-Powerful refuses

to answer their empty prayers,

14he will surely deny

your impatient request

to face him in court.

15Job, you were wrong to say

God doesn't punish sin.

16Everything you have said

adds up to nonsense.


35.2 are … God: Or “is it right for you to accuse God?”

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