7829. shachepheth
שַׁחֶ֫פֶת noun feminine wasting disease, consumption Deuteronomy 28:22; Leviticus 26:16 (H).

שׁחץ (√ of following; compare Late Hebrew act proudly, and derivatives; Aramaic שַׁחְצָא lion ( Psalm 17:12 editions); Ethiopic be insolent; Arabic is rise, be elevated; bulky, man of rank, but = שׁ ?).

Forms and Transliterations
בַּשַּׁחֶ֨פֶת בשחפת הַשַּׁחֶ֣פֶת השחפת baš·ša·ḥe·p̄eṯ bashshaChefet baššaḥep̄eṯ haš·ša·ḥe·p̄eṯ hashshaChefet haššaḥep̄eṯ
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