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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Languishing with love or amorous desire; as, a love-sick maid.

2. (a.) Originating in, or expressive of, languishing love.

Strong's Hebrew
2470a. chalah -- to be weak or sick
... become weak (3), been sick (2), diseased (2), faint (1), fell sick (1), grief (1),
grieved (1), grievous (2), incurable (2), infected (1), lovesick* (2), made ...
/hebrew/2470a.htm - 6k

160. ahabah -- love (noun)
... Word Origin from aheb Definition love (noun) NASB Word Usage love (28), lovesick*
(2), lovingly (1). love. Feminine of 'ahab and meaning the same -- love. ...
/hebrew/160.htm - 6k


... form of tyrannical fathers, sentimental mothers, amorous grandmothers, and obsequious
friends; but also book match-makers, in the form of love-sick tales and ...
/.../philips/the christian home/chapter xxiii match-making.htm

The Home-Parlor.
... They form their notions of happiness from fashion, fortune and position. They
become enslaved to love-sick novels and fashionable amusements. ...
/.../philips/the christian home/chapter xxii the home-parlor.htm

Blessed Henry Suso's Preface to his Book
... takes upon himself, as a teacher ought to do, the person of all mankind: now he
speaks in the person of a sinner; now under the image of a love-sick soul; then ...
/.../suso/a little book of eternal wisdom/blessed henry susos preface to.htm

Vindication of Christian Women.
... This Sappho is a lewd, love-sick female, and sings her own wantonness; [505] but
all our women are chaste, and the maidens at their distaffs sing of divine ...
/.../tatians address to the greeks/chapter xxxiii vindication of christian women.htm

How the Desire to Praise God Makes us Aspire to Heaven.
... of sacred lovers, that banishing all other desires they cause disgust of all earthly
things, and render the soul languishing and lovesick: yea, sometimes the ...
/.../francis/treatise on the love of god/chapter x how the desire.htm

Christian Names.
... upon the prevailing taste of the times, and which may remind one of the battles
of some ambitious general, or of the adventures of some love-sick swain, or of ...
/.../philips/the christian home/chapter xii christian names.htm

... The lovesick spouse extols Christ, she makes a panegyrical oration of his worth,
that she might persuade others to be in love with him. ...
// ten commandments/1 2 love.htm

... Such were the sympathies of Rosseau,"mere heart-stimuli, without legitimate deeds
and objective force, existing only as a love-sick sentiment. ...
/.../ christian home/chapter xiv home-sympathy.htm

Arria and Her Mother Sat with the Emperor. ...
... "But, O father of Rome!" said Arria, looking up at the great man, "how long shall
you detain him?". "Give me half an hour, you love-sick maiden," said Augustus. ...
// 5 arria and her.htm

The Family Bible.
... old family bible is neglected, and the yellow covered literature of the day substituted
in its stead; if you permit them to buy and read love-sick tales in ...
/.../philips/the christian home/chapter viii the family bible.htm

Lovesick (3 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Lovesick (3 Occurrences). Song of Songs 2:5 Stay ye me
with dainties, refresh me with apples; for I am love-sick.' (See NAS). ...
/l/lovesick.htm - 7k

Love-sick (2 Occurrences)
Love-sick. Lovesick, Love-sick. Lovest . Noah Webster's Dictionary 1 ... love.
(See JPS). Lovesick, Love-sick. Lovest . Reference Bible.
/l/love-sick.htm - 7k

Lovest (13 Occurrences)

/l/lovest.htm - 10k

Love's (3 Occurrences)

/l/love's.htm - 7k

Lover (55 Occurrences)
... (See NIV). Song of Songs 5:8 I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, if ye find
my beloved, what will ye tell him? that I am love-sick.' (See NIV). ...
/l/lover.htm - 24k

Bible Concordance
Love-sick (2 Occurrences)

Song of Songs 2:5 Stay ye me with raisins, refresh me with apples; For I am sick from love.
(See JPS)

Song of Songs 5:8 I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, If ye find my beloved, That ye tell him, that I am sick from love.
(See JPS)



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