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Strong's Hebrew
6184. arits -- awe-inspiring, terror-striking
... 6183, 6184. arits. 6185 . awe-inspiring, terror-striking. Transliteration:
arits Phonetic Spelling: (aw-reets') Short Definition: ruthless. ...
/hebrew/6184.htm - 6k

Chapter xxviii
... 17. And he was afraid and said: How aweinspiring is this place! ... The Hebrew nĂ´ra',"
awe-inspiring," is the passive participle of yare', "to be afraid." The ...
/.../leupold/exposition of genesis volume 1/chapter xxviii.htm

The Mediator --The Interpreter
... If the giving of the law, while it was yet unbroken, was attended with such a display
of awe-inspiring power, what will that day be when the Lord shall, with ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 35 1889/the mediatorthe interpreter.htm

The Influences that Produced the New Testament
... The universe and organic life are no less wonderful and awe-inspiring because,
distinguishing some of the natural laws that govern their evolution, we have ...
/.../v the influences that produced.htm

Private Prayer, and Public Worship.
... forces of the spiritual life which constitute at once the beauty, the attraction,
the power of His character, and His divine and awe-inspiring separateness. ...
/.../percival/sermons at rugby/vii private prayer and public.htm

God's Sovereignty Defined
... maudlin sentimentality. The God of many a present-day pulpit is an object
of pity rather than of awe-inspiring reverence. [2] To ...
/.../pink/the sovereignty of god/chapter one gods sovereignty defined.htm

The Big End of Trouble
... It was an awe-inspiring spectacle and at first sight startled us. There it
was, coming right toward us in a most threatening manner. ...
// talks/talk forty-three the big end.htm

Persons of the Dialogue:
... It was a face," she said, "such as I know not that I had ever seen, awe-inspiring,
yet tempered with gentleness and mirth; for it was wholly unadorned by art ...
/.../persons of the dialogue .htm

"Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge"
... seen, and lest they depart from thy heart all the days of thy life: but teach them
thy sons, and thy sons' sons." Verse 9. The awe-inspiring scenes connected ...
/.../white/the story of prophets and kings/chapter 24 destroyed for lack.htm

The Baptism
... never before perceived in any man. The very atmosphere of His presence
was holy and awe-inspiring. Among the multitudes that had ...
// desire of ages/chapter 11 the baptism.htm

The Redeemer's Return is Necessitated by his Own Affirmations.
... also the coming of the Son of man be" (24:27), which means that our Lord's Return
to this earth will be visible, public, and attended with awe-inspiring glory. ...
/.../ redeemers return/ii the redeemers return is.htm

Awe-inspiring (2 Occurrences)
Awe-inspiring. Awe, Awe-inspiring. Awesome . Multi-Version
Concordance Awe-inspiring (2 Occurrences). Song of Songs ...
/a/awe-inspiring.htm - 6k

Bannered (2 Occurrences)
... Bannered (2 Occurrences). Song of Songs 6:4 Fair 'art' thou, my friend, as Tirzah,
Comely as Jerusalem, Awe-inspiring as bannered hosts. (YLT). ...
/b/bannered.htm - 7k

Awe (32 Occurrences)

/a/awe.htm - 17k

Awesome (47 Occurrences)

/a/awesome.htm - 20k

Terrible (90 Occurrences)
... ter'-ib'l, ter'-er (yare', "to be feared," "reverenced," arits, "powerful,"
"tyrannical," 'ayom, "aweinspiring," chittith "terror," ballahah, "a worn-out or ...
/t/terrible.htm - 36k

Tremendous (9 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (a.) Great in size, amount, or excellence; awe-inspiring;
fitted to excite fear or terror; such as may astonish or terrify by its ...
/t/tremendous.htm - 9k

Ten (234 Occurrences)
... II. The Promulgation of the Decalogue. The "ten words" were spoken by Yahweh Himself
from the top of the mount under circumstances the most awe-inspiring. ...
/t/ten.htm - 60k

Terror (137 Occurrences)
... ter'-ib'l, ter'-er (yare', "to be feared," "reverenced," arits, "powerful,"
"tyrannical," 'ayom, "aweinspiring," chittith "terror," ballahah, "a worn-out or ...
/t/terror.htm - 37k

Blackness (13 Occurrences)
... reserved for ever." In art this figurative language has found majestic and
awe-inspiring expression in Dore's illustrations of Dante's Purgatory and Milton's ...
/b/blackness.htm - 12k

Ananias (11 Occurrences)
... The punishment was an "awe-inspiring act of Divine church-discipline." The narrative
does not, however, imply that Peter consciously willed their death. ...
/a/ananias.htm - 19k

Bible Concordance
Awe-inspiring (2 Occurrences)

Song of Songs 6:4 Fair 'art' thou, my friend, as Tirzah, Comely as Jerusalem, Awe-inspiring as bannered hosts.

Song of Songs 6:10 Who 'is' this that is looking forth as morning, Fair as the moon -- clear as the sun, Awe-inspiring as bannered hosts?'



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