3547. nomodidaskalos
Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 3547: νομοδιδάσκαλος

νομοδιδάσκαλος, νομοδιδασκαλου, (νόμος and διδάσκαλος, cf. ἑτεροδιδάσκαλος, ἱεροδιδασκαλος, χοροδιδάσκαλος), a teacher and interpreter of the law: among the Jews (cf. γραμματεύς, 2), Luke 5:17; Acts 5:34; of those who among Christians also went about as champions and interpreters of the Mosaic law, 1 Timothy 1:7. (Not found elsewhere (except in ecclesiastical writings.)

Forms and Transliterations
νομοδιδασκαλοι νομοδιδάσκαλοι νομοδιδασκαλος νομοδιδάσκαλος nomodidaskaloi nomodidáskaloi nomodidaskalos nomodidáskalos
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