106. azumos
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
unleavened bread.

From a (as a negative particle) and zume; unleavened, i.e. (figuratively) uncorrupted; (in the neutral plural) specially (by implication) the Passover week -- unleavened (bread).

see GREEK a

see GREEK zume

Forms and Transliterations
αζυμα άζυμα ἄζυμα αζυμοι άζυμοι ἄζυμοι αζυμοις αζύμοις ἀζύμοις άζυμον αζύμους αζυμων αζύμων ἀζύμων azuma azumoi azumois azumon azumōn azyma ázyma azymoi ázymoi azymois azýmois azymon azymōn azýmon azýmōn
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