Two Scholia on Genesis xxii. 13
Two Scholia on Genesis XXII.13. [3628]

The Syriac and the Hebrew use the word "suspended," [3629] as more clearly typifying the cross.

The word Sabek [3630] some have rendered remission, [3631] others upright, [3632] as if the meaning, agreeing with the popular belief, were -- a goat walking erect up to a bush, and there standing erect caught by his horns, so as to be a plain type of the cross. For this reason it is not translated, because the single Hebrew word signifies in other languages [3633] many things. To those, however, who ask it is proper to give an answer, and to say that Sabek denotes lifted up. [3634]


[3628] In the edition of the LXX. published by Card. Caraffe, 1581.

[3629] kremamenos. The Hebrew is n'chz, the Syriac ***, both meaning simply "caught."

[3630] See note on the fragment just before.

[3631] aphesis.

[3632] orthios.

[3633] Lit. "when translated."

[3634] epermenos.

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