From the Discourse on the Cross.
From the Discourse on the Cross. [3592]

On these accounts He came to us; on these accounts, though He was incorporeal, He formed for Himself a body after our fashion, [3593] -- appearing as a sheep, yet still remaining the Shepherd; being esteemed a servant, yet not renouncing the Sonship; being carried in the womb of Mary, yet arrayed in the nature of His Father; treading upon the earth, yet filling heaven; appearing as an infant, yet not discarding the eternity of His nature; being invested with a body, yet not circumscribing the unmixed simplicity of His Godhead; being esteemed poor, yet not divested of His riches; needing sustenance inasmuch as He was man, yet not ceasing to feed the entire world inasmuch as He is God; putting on the likeness of a servant, yet not impairing [3594] the likeness of His Father. He sustained every character [3595] belonging to Him in an immutable nature: He was standing before Pilate, and at the same time was sitting with His Father; He was nailed upon the tree, and yet was the Lord of all things.


[3592] By the same.

[3593] Or "wove--a body from our material."

[3594] Lit. "changing."

[3595] Lit. "He was everything."

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