Ps 92:1-15. A Psalm-Song --(See on Ps 30:1, Title). The Theme: God Should be Praised for his Righteous Judgments on the Wicked and his Care and Defense of his People. Such a Topic, at all Times Proper, is Specially So for the Reflections of the Sabbath Day.
Ps 92:1-15. A Psalm-song -- (see on Ps 30:1, title). The theme: God should be praised for His righteous judgments on the wicked and His care and defense of His people. Such a topic, at all times proper, is specially so for the reflections of the Sabbath day.

1. sing ... name -- celebrate Thy perfections.

2. in the morning, ... every night -- diligently and constantly (Ps 42:8).

loving kindness -- literally, "mercy."

faithfulness -- in fulfilling promises (Ps 89:14).

3. In such a work all proper aid must be used.

with a ... sound -- or, on Higgaion (see on Ps 9:16), perhaps an instrument of that name, from its sound resembling the muttered sound of meditation, as expressed also by the word. This is joined with the harp.

4. thy work -- that is, of providence (Ps 90:16, 17).

5. great ... works -- correspond to deep or vast thoughts (Ps 40:5; Ro 11:23).

6. A brutish man knoweth not -- that is, God's works, so the Psalmist describes himself (Ps 73:22) when amazed by the prosperity of the wicked, now understood and explained.

8. This he does in part, by contrasting their ruin with God's exaltation and eternity.

most high -- as occupying the highest place in heaven (Ps 7:7; 18:16).

9, 10. A further contrast with the wicked, in the lot of the righteous, safety and triumph.

10. horn ... exalt -- is to increase power (Ps 75:5).

anointed ... fresh -- or, "new"

oil -- (Ps 23:5) a figure for refreshment (compare Lu 7:46). Such use of oil is still common in the East.

11. see ... [and] ... hear my desire -- or, literally, "look on" my enemies and hear of the wicked (compare Ps 27:11; 54:7) -- that is, I shall be gratified by their fall.

12-14. The vigorous growth, longevity, utility, fragrance, and beauty of these noble trees, set forth the life, character, and destiny of the pious;

15. and they thus declare God's glory as their strong and righteous ruler.

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