Cautions against False Doctrine.
I have learned that certain of the ministers of Satan have wished to disturb you, some of them asserting that Jesus was born [only [1181] ] in appearance, was crucified in appearance, and died in appearance; others that He is not the Son the Creator, and others that He is Himself God over all. [1182] Others, again, hold that He is a mere man, and others that this flesh is not to rise again, so that our proper course is to live and partake of a life of pleasure, for that this is the chief good to beings who are in a little while to perish. A swarm of such evils has burst in upon us. [1183] But ye have not "given place by subjection to them, no, not for one hour." [1184] For ye are the fellow-citizens as well as the disciples of Paul, who "fully preached the Gospel from Jerusalem, and round about unto Illyricum," [1185] and bare about "the marks of Christ" in his flesh. [1186]

[1181] Some omit this.

[1182] That is, as appears afterwards from chap. v., so as to have no personality distinct from the Father.

[1183] The translation is here somewhat doubtful.

[1184] Galatians 2:5.

[1185] Romans 15:19.

[1186] Galatians 6:17.

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