O Lord of Life, when Mortals Call,

O Lord of life, when mortals call,

And freedom seek from earthly thrall,

Hear Thou in heaven, and save us all,

In mercy, Lord.

O Full of Mercy! when we groan,

Because of sin our spirits own,

Hear, Who for sinners did atone,

In mercy, Lord.

O Full of Pity! when we bear

To Thy blest feet our carking care,

Take of our weary load a share,

In mercy, Lord.

O Full of Grace! when sufferers tell

The grief Thou knowest, Lord, so well,

Come, with the broken-hearted dwell,

In mercy, Lord.

When lured by hope our spirits rise,

To where Thou beckon'st from the skies,

Then be eternal life the prize,

In mercy, Lord.

xxvi it is not lost
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