O Christ, Thou Art My King,

O Christ, Thou art my King,

Thy cause I make mine own,

All that I have I bring,

To lay before Thy throne;

The oath of fealty now I take,

To live and suffer for Thy sake.

Less could no loyal soul

In true devotion gift; --

My sacrifice the whole,

Not part to Thee I lift: --

Lord, at Thy kingly throne I bow,

Receive my heart's devotion now.

Thou didst not count the cost,

O Christ my heavenly king,

When Thou didst save the lost

By Thy great offering;

Thou laid'st Thine ageless glory by,

And cam'st to earth for man to die,

O Christ, Thou art my King, --

Thy kingdom come, I pray,

Till endless praise shall ring

Throughout an endless day,

And tribute fill the courts of heaven

By loyal hearts in fealty given.

xxiii ask and thy prayer
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