Thou Art My Strength, O God My Lord,

Thou art my strength, O God my Lord,

Weak is my arm, and faint my heart;

Thou dost inspire me by Thy word,

And to my life Thy power impart.

The might of evil bars the way,

And towering ramparts threatening frown;

Then sinks my heart in sore dismay,

Then fall my arms in weakness down.

Shorn of my strength I lift my cry,

But God in pity hears my plaint;

And lo, the promised help is nigh, --

His power is given to the faint.

This I have found, Thou dost not fail;

No pleading eye looks up in vain;

Though weak my arm, I must prevail,

If Thou, O Lord, my strength remain.

xxi thou art my hope
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