My Sin was Very Great,

'Exagoreuso kat emou ten anomian mou t? Kurio

My sin was very great,

Its burden bore me down;

I dared not lift my eyes to God,

So much I feared His frown;

And sore my conscience smote,

And all was sad within,

For I had turned away from God

Who loved me in my sin.

I said "I'll tell it all,

The sin, the grief, the pain,

Mayhap He'll pardon my offence,

And take me back again."

And then my heart was glad,

To think it might be done,

If I but cast myself upon

The merits of His Son.

I said "Ah, God, receive

The sacrifice I bring, --

A broken and a contrite heart,

That is my offering;

And for His sake Who came

To bear the Cross of pain,

Forgive the error of my life,

And take me back again."

'Twas then the heart of love

That I had wounded sore,

In loving accents spake to me,

And bade me sin no more;

And spake the word of grace

That made my spirit whole;

And now the pain and grief are gone,

For gladness fills my soul.

xii have pity lord for
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