O Love Divine, My Spirit Sighs

O Love divine, my spirit sighs

To dwell with Thee and share Thy love;

But Thou art far beyond the skies,

And with the Father dwell'st above.

My lovelorn soul would break the ties

That bind to earth, and earthly things,

And as the eagle upward flies,

Would mount to Thee on soaring wings.

O Love divine, wilt Thou come down,

And make Thy dwelling place with me?

My empty heart would be Thy home,

And all my life would cling to Thee.

Thou knowest the path that leads to earth,

For Thou didst sojourn once with men;

Thou didst not scorn the lowly birth,

Nor yet our humble dwelling then.

'Twas love that brought Thee then, and now

Thy love retains its fervent glow;

O Lord, Thy heavens in mercy bow,

And seek my longing soul below.

Come Thou, O Gracious Love divine,

With all Thy heavenly ardour come,

And fill this lovelorn heart of mine,

And make it Thy abiding home.

iv god thou art clothed
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