Go, Ye Saints, to Bethlehem,

Go, ye saints, to Bethlehem,

Ere the morning breaks,

Hear the song the angels sing

While the earth awakes, --

Go, and put your harps in tune,

For the praise of the Triune.

Go, ye saints, to Galilee,

When the noon is high,

Hear the voice of Wisdom speak

To the passers by,

See the work of mercy wrought,

Learn to labour as ye ought.

Go, and seek Gethsemane,

In its darkest shade;

See the sorrowing God-man there,

Sighing, prostrate laid;

Go, and pray "Thy will be done,"

With the agonizing Son.

Go, ye saints, to Calvary,

Where the flesh is torn;

See the power of sin o'erthrown

'Mid its shouts of scorn;

And, before the awful Cross,

Count the gain that comes from loss.

i we need thee still
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