Lord, Let us Feel that Thou Art Near,

Lord, let us feel that Thou art near,

And while we pray, in mercy hear;

Crown with Thy love the opening year; --

Have mercy, Lord.

Of Thy benignity, we pray,

Thy gracious Spirit grant alway,

Our strife and discord to allay; --

Have mercy, Lord.

May peace our inmost soul possess,

And in our lives our converse bless,

With unaffected kindliness; --

Have mercy, Lord.

Our sinful past we here repent,

With tears our wayward course lament,

Now, let Thy pardoning grace be sent; --

Have mercy, Lord.

As seasons come, Good Lord, ordain

That we the fruits of earth obtain,

Send us the sunshine and the rain; --

Have mercy, Lord.

With strength Thy Holy Church endue,

The anger of her foes subdue,

The offerings of Thy grace renew; --

Have mercy, Lord.

the new year all-embracing as
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