He Deplores the Wickedness of his Youth.
1. I Will now call to mind my past foulness, and the carnal corruptions of my soul, not because I love them, but that I may love Thee, O my God. For love of Thy love do I it, recalling, in the very bitterness of my remembrance, my most vicious ways, that Thou mayest grow sweet to me, -- Thou sweetness without deception! Thou sweetness happy and assured! -- and re-collecting myself out of that my dissipation, in which I was torn to pieces, while, turned away from Thee the One, I lost myself among many vanities. For I even longed in my youth formerly to be satisfied with worldly things, and I dared to grow wild again with various and shadowy loves; my form consumed away, [187] and I became corrupt in Thine eyes, pleasing myself, and eager to please in the eyes of men.


[187] Psalm 39:11.

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