Ships of Alexandria
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Alexandria and Rome - the Jewish Communities in the Capitals of ...
... [262] The average passage from Alexandria to Puteoli was twelve days,
the ships touching at Malta and in Sicily. It was in such ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter v alexandria and rome.htm

Letter Lxxxii. To Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria.
... man looking from some tall watch tower, [2282] as when at sea many ships sailing
together ... by the hand of some one in whom you place trust in Alexandria, or by ...
/.../basil/basil letters and select works/letter lxxxii to athanasius bishop.htm

How the Soldiers, Both in Judea and Egypt, Proclaimed Vespasian ...
... Nile is navigable as far as the city called Elephantine, the forenamed cataracts
hindering ships from going any farther, The haven also of Alexandria is not ...
/.../chapter 10 how the soldiers.htm

That Upon the Conquest and Slaughter of vitellius Vespasian ...
... So Titus marched on foot as far as Nicopolis, which is distant twenty furlongs from
Alexandria; there he put his army on board some long ships, and sailed upon ...
/.../chapter 11 that upon the.htm

Two Famous Versions of the Scriptures
... At this time Alexandria drew all the merchants of the world to her markets; and
her harbour was constantly filled with ships laden with silver, amber, and ...
/.../duff/the bible in its making/chapter vii two famous versions.htm

The Council of Tyre and First Exile of Athanasius, 335-337.
... He had threatened to starve the paneudaimon patris, the chosen capital of Constantine,
by stopping the grain ships which regularly left Alexandria every autumn ...
/.../athanasius/select works and letters or athanasius/section 5 the council of.htm

Preaching for the Poor
... it is the gospel that we preach, or else we may be as guilty as was Nero, the tyrant,
who, when Rome was starving, sent his ships to Alexandria, where there ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 3 1857/preaching for the poor.htm

Epistle Lx. To Eulogius, Bishop.
... Mark was sent by Saint Peter the apostle, his master, to Alexandria, so we ... wood from
the West, which, being suitable for the building of ships, signifies the ...
/.../the epistles of saint gregory the great/epistle lx to eulogius bishop.htm

How Herod Got Away from the King of Arabia and Made Haste to Go ...
... a very great way off, and made haste into the road to Pelusium; and when the stationary
ships that lay there hindered him from sailing to Alexandria, he went ...
/.../josephus/the antiquities of the jews/chapter 14 how herod got.htm

How Taricheae was Taken. A Description of the River Jordan, and of ...
... produces the Coracin fish as well as that lake does which is near to Alexandria. ...
them; nor could they fight upon the level by sea, for their ships were small ...
/.../chapter 10 how taricheae was.htm

Torrey's Topical Textbook
Acts 27:6
And there the centurion found a ship of Alexandria sailing into Italy; and he put us therein.
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