Deserts: Desolate
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2048. eremos -- solitary, desolate
... word Definition solitary, desolate NASB Word Usage desert (2), deserts (1), desolate
(6), open pasture (1), secluded (5), unpopulated (1), wilderness (32). ...
// - 8k

2047. eremia -- a solitude, a wilderness
... Word Origin from eremos Definition a solitude, a wilderness NASB Word Usage deserts
(1), desolate place (2), wilderness (1). desert, wilderness. ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
2723. chorbah -- waste, desolation, ruin
... Usage deserts (1), desolation (4), desolations (1), ruin (6), ruined homes (1),
ruins (11), waste (7), waste places (10), wastes (1). decayed place, desolate ...
/hebrew/2723.htm - 6k

The Death of Cyrus.
... by excessive heat, sometimes by excessive cold, sometimes from being parched by
perpetual drought, which produced bare and desolate deserts, and sometimes by ...
// the great/chapter xii the death of.htm

August the Twelfth My Life and Hope
... He is "the river of water of life." And His blessed purpose is to flow into desolate
places, converting deserts into gardens, and making wildernesses to ...
/.../jowett/my daily meditation for the circling year/august the twelfth my life.htm

For that Also is no Foolish Question which is Wont to be Proposed. ...
... If a question be raised, which of these is to be preferred in deserts, who but ... of
the Apostle, saying, "But she who is a widow indeed and desolate, hath hoped ...
/.../augustine/on the good of widowhood /section 16 for that also.htm

Expository Treatise against the Jews.
... Whence He saith, "Father, let their temple be made desolate; [1572] for they ... in the
way of wickedness and destruction; we have gone through deserts where there ...
/.../expository treatise against the jews.htm

On the Death of his Father.
... [3195] His flock is desolate and downcast ... reposing in the green pasture, [3196] and
reared up by the water of comfort, but seeking precipices, deserts and pits ...
/.../cyril/lectures of s cyril of jerusalem/oration xviii on the death.htm

Persecution in the First Centuries
... to seek concealment in desolate and solitary places. "Destitute, afflicted, tormented;
(of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in ...
/.../white/the great controversy/chapter 2 persecution in the.htm

Persecution in the First Centuries.
... to seek concealment in desolate and solitary places. "Destitute, afflicted, tormented;
(of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in ...
/.../the great controversy between christ and satan /2 persecution in the first.htm

Scenes Favourable to Meditation
... And the last is as sweet as the first. Here I and the beasts of the deserts agree,. ...
And appetite wholly resigned. Ye desolate scenes, to your solitude led,. ...
/.../scenes favourable to meditation.htm

Instruction iii
... bear his own nothingness, and then contemplate the unknown wastes and deserts of
the ... All there is so still and mysterious and so desolate; for there is nothing ...
// inner way/instruction iii.htm

Pilgrim Song
... The evening is at hand,. And desolate and fearful. The solitary land. ... Glad,
empty-handed, free; To cross the trackless deserts,. And walk upon the sea; ...
/.../bevan/hymns of ter steegen suso and others/pilgrim song.htm

Torrey's Topical Textbook
Ezekiel 6:14
So will I stretch out my hand on them, and make the land desolate, yes, more desolate than the wilderness toward Diblath, in all their habitations: and they shall know that I am the LORD.
Torrey's Topical Textbook



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