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tro: An obsolete verb meaning "to believe"; compare "trust" and the German trauen. It occurs only in Luke 17:9, the King James Version "Doth he thank that servant....? I trow not," as a translation of ou doko, "I believe not." The words ou doko, however, are not part of the original text, but are a later gloss to supply an answer to the question, and hence, "I trow not" is omitted by the Revised Version (British and American).

1380. dokeo -- to have an opinion, to seem
... to think; by implication, to seem (truthfully or uncertainly) -- be accounted,
(of own) please(-ure), be of reputation, seem (good), suppose, think, trow. ...
// - 9k

5135. traumatizo -- to wound
... to wound. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: traumatizo Phonetic Spelling:
(trow-mat-id'-zo) Short Definition: I wound Definition: I wound. ...
// - 6k

5134. trauma -- a wound
... trauma. 5135 . a wound. Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter Transliteration: trauma Phonetic
Spelling: (trow'-mah) Short Definition: a wound Definition: a wound. ...
// - 6k


Of the Setting of Man's Life
... that peradventure went before, in steadfastness of living and desire of Christ,
he ought not thereof to joy nor give praise to himself, nor trow himself better ...
// fire of love/chapter iv of the setting.htm

That Without Imperfect Meekness Coming Before, it is Impossible ...
... FOR although I call it imperfect meekness, yet I had liefer have a true knowing
and a feeling of myself as I am, and sooner I trow that it should get me the ...
/.../anonymous/the cloud of unknowing/here beginneth the fourteenth chapter.htm

Why the Perfect Contemplatives Take no Heed to Outward Song, and ...
... Truly it is fondness to trow that a man, and especially he that is perfectly given
to God's service, should not have a special gift from His love that many ...
// fire of love/chapter i why the perfect.htm

Of Meditation
... purges the mind. I trow this meditation is most profitable of all others
to them that are newly turned to Christ. For there truly ...
// fire of love/chapter viii of meditation.htm

How and in what Time I came to Solitary Life: and of the Song of ...
... Therefore I trow this is given to none meedfully, but freely to whom Christ will;
nevertheless I trow no man receives it unless he specially love the Name of ...
// fire of love/chapter xv how and in.htm

Of Divers Unseemly Practices that Follow them that Lack the Work ...
... But might these men be seen in place where they be homely, then I trow
they should not be hid. And nevertheless yet I trow that ...
/.../anonymous/the cloud of unknowing/here beginneth the three and 4.htm

Some There Be, that Although they be not Deceived with this Error
... Now truly I trow, that who that will not go the strait way to heaven, that
they shall go the soft way to hell. Each man prove by ...
/.../anonymous/the cloud of unknowing/here beginneth the six and 4.htm

Of Two Ghostly Devices that be Helpful to a Ghostly Beginner in ...
... And if thou do thus, I trow that within short time thou shalt be eased of
thy travail. I trow that an this device be well and truly ...
/.../anonymous/the cloud of unknowing/here beginneth the two and 2.htm

That by Indiscretion in This, Men Shall Keep Discretion in all ...
... For I may not trow that a soul continuing in this work night and day without discretion,
should err in any of these outward doings; and else, me think that he ...
/.../anonymous/the cloud of unknowing/here beginneth the two and 3.htm

That Right as by the Defailing of Our Bodily Wits we Begin More ...
... To thee it needeth not, and therefore I do it not. For whoso hath ears, let him
hear, and whoso is stirred for to trow, let him trow: for else, shall they not. ...
/.../anonymous/the cloud of unknowing/here beginneth the seventieth chapter.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) A boat with an open well amidships. It is used in spearing fish.

2. (v. i. & t.) To believe; to trust; to think or suppose.

Trow (1 Occurrence)
...TROW. tro: An obsolete verb meaning "to believe"; compare "trust" and the
German trauen. ... Multi-Version Concordance Trow (1 Occurrence). ...
/t/trow.htm - 7k

Trousers (7 Occurrences)

/t/trousers.htm - 8k


/t/trucebkeaker.htm - 6k

Samson (37 Occurrences)
... from Samson the answer; whereupon he retorted (in Dr. Moore's version): `If with
my heifer ye did not plow, Ye had not found out my riddle, I trow' (Judges 14 ...
/s/samson.htm - 37k

Bible Concordance
Trow (1 Occurrence)

Luke 17:9 Doth he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I trow not.



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