Trespass Offering
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Strong's Hebrew
817. asham -- offense, guilt
... guiltiness, offering for sin, trespass offering. From 'asham; guilt; by implication,
a fault; also a sin-offering -- guiltiness, (offering ...
/hebrew/817.htm - 6k

819. ashmah -- wrongdoing, guiltiness
... Feminine of 'asham; guiltiness, a fault, the presentation of a sin-offering -- offend,
sin, (cause of) trespass(-ing, offering). see HEBREW 'asham. 818, 819. ...
/hebrew/819.htm - 6k


... (a) the blood offering-peace offering, sin offering and trespass offering,.
(b) the bloodless offerings-the meat, or meal, offering. ...
/.../the way of salvation in the lutheran church/chapter iii leviticus.htm

The Suffering Servant --iv
... Revised Version gives the best rendering"'His soul shall make an offering for sin.'
The word employed for 'offering' means a trespass offering, and carries ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture h/the suffering servantiv.htm

An Unalterable Law
... The trespass offering, referred to as an alternative, in Leviticus 5:11, might,
in extreme cases of excessive poverty, be a bloodless offering. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 60 1914/an unalterable law.htm

The Blood of Sprinkling
... offering. This, under the Mosaic service, was split into parts, - the peace
offering, trespass offering, sin offering, etc. In all ...
// way of peace/chapter v the blood of.htm

The Attack on the Book of Leviticus.
... Here again the same formula of speech is employed, God speaking to Moses
gave directions concerning. (5) The trespass offering. In ...
/.../concerning the assumptions of destructive criticism/v the attack on the.htm

Degrees of Sin
... sins are greater than others appears, (1) Because there was difference in the offerings
under the law; the sin offering was greater than the trespass offering. ...
// ten commandments/3 2 degrees of sin.htm

The Helpless State of the Sinner under Condemnation.
... And that soul that had "done aught presumptuously" was not allowed to bring any
sin-offering, or trespass-offering at all, but was condemned to "die without ...
/.../chapter vii the helpless state.htm

Some Helpful Thoughts on Consecration
... It only takes away the guilt and trespasses of the sinner, and brings him into the
favor of God, who gave his Son a "trespass-offering" for the world. ...
/.../byers/sanctification/chapter xi some helpful thoughts.htm

The Other Observances of the Jews.
... Friday, the beginning of the Sabbath, after three stars of moderate size were visible,
was held to have sinned, and had to present a trespass-offering; and so ...
/.../the epistle of mathetes to diognetus/chapter iv the other observances of.htm

Among the People, and with the Pharisees
... lowest degree, or perhaps even a novice, to the most advanced chasid, or "pietist."
The latter would, for example, bring every day a trespass-offering, in case ...
/.../edersheim/sketches of jewish social life/chapter 13 among the people.htm

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Trespass Offering

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Trespass offering: To be offered for Any Sin of Ignorance

Trespass offering: To be offered for Breach of Trust, or Fraud

Trespass offering: To be offered for Concealing Knowledge of a Crime

Trespass offering: To be offered for Involuntarily Touching Unclean Things

Trespass offering: To be offered for Rash Swearing

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