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teth (T): The 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet; transliterated in this Encyclopedia as "T" (a more intense "t"). It came also to be used for the number 9; and with waw ("w") for 15, with zayin ("z") for 16 (i.e. 9 plus 6 and 9 plus 7) to avoid forming regular series with the abbreviation for Yahweh. For name, etc., see ALPHABET.

Strong's Hebrew
8296. seret -- incision
... cutting And sareteth {saw-reh'-teth}; from sarat; an incision -- cutting. see
HEBREW sarat. 8295, 8296. seret. 8296a . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/8296.htm - 5k

7986. shalleteth -- imperious
... shalleteth. 7987 . imperious. Transliteration: shalleteth Phonetic Spelling:
(shal-leh'-teth) Short Definition: imperious. Word Origin the same as shallit, qv ...
/hebrew/7986.htm - 5k


... St. Augustin on the Psalms. Teth. 62. "Thou hast dealt in sweetness with
Thy servant: according unto Thy word;" or rather, "according ...
//christianbookshelf.org/augustine/exposition on the book of psalms/teth.htm

Psalm 119 Teth, the 9Th Part.
... Psalm 119 Teth, The 9th Part. 8,6,8,6. ^65Well hast thou with thy servant dealt,.
as thou didst promise give. ^66Good judgment me, and knowledge teach,. ...
/.../anonymous/scottish psalter and paraphrases/psalm 119 teth the 9th.htm

Exposition on the Book of Psalms
... Psalm CXVI. Psalm CXVII. Psalm CXVIII. Psalm CXIX. Beth. Gimel. Daleth. He. Vav.
Zain. Cheth. Teth. Jod. Caph. Lamed. Mem. Nun. Samech. Ain. Pe. Tadze. Koph. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/augustine/exposition on the book of psalms/

Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases
... Psalm 119 Zain, The 7th Part. Psalm 119 Cheth, The 8th Part. Psalm 119 Teth, The
9th Part. Psalm 119 Jod, The 10th Part. Psalm 119 Caph, The 11th Part. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/anonymous/scottish psalter and paraphrases/

A Second Time the Master Zachyas, Doctor of the Law...
... Him. Footnotes: [1674] 1 Corinthians 13:1, xiv. 7. [1675] Tau, and not Teth,
is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. [1676] The ...
/.../unknown/the gospel of pseudo-matthew/chapter 31 a second time.htm

The Theology of St. Hilary of Poitiers.
The Life and Writings of St. Hilary of Poitiers. <. ...
/.../chapter ii the theology of st.htm

Teth (1 Occurrence)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia TETH. ... For name, etc., see ALPHABET.
Multi-Version Concordance Teth (1 Occurrence). Psalms 119:65 TETH. ...
/t/teth.htm - 7k

Nebaioth (5 Occurrences)
... This view is widely accepted, but the name "Nabatean" is spelled with a "T" (teth),
and the interchange of "T" (teth) and "t" (taw), although not unparalleled ...
/n/nebaioth.htm - 9k

... of Nebaioth, which is possible, though Nebaioth is spelled with the Hebrew letter
taw ("t") and Nabateans is spelled with the Hebrew letter teth ("t). They ...
/n/nabathaeans.htm - 11k

... of Nebaioth, which is possible, though Nebaioth is spelled with the Hebrew letter
taw ("t") and Nabateans is spelled with the Hebrew letter teth ("t). They ...
/n/nabataeans.htm - 11k

Tethered (1 Occurrence)

/t/tethered.htm - 6k

Teta. Tests, Teta. Teth . Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia TETA.
te'-ta. See ATETA. Tests, Teta. Teth . Reference Bible.
/t/teta.htm - 6k

... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia BEELTETHMUS. be-el-teth'-mus (Beeltethmos; Balthemus):
One of the officers of King Artaxerxes in Palestine (1 Esdras 2:16, 25). ...
/b/beeltethmus.htm - 6k

Acrostic (2 Occurrences)
... Text. The initials of 9:1, 3, 5 are respectively 'aleph, beth, gimel; of
9:9, 11, 13, 15, 17 waw, zayin, cheth, Teth and yodh. Psalm ...
/a/acrostic.htm - 15k

Alphabet (2 Occurrences)
... house (tent); (3) gimel = camel; (4) daleth = door; (5) he = house; (6) waw = nail
(Evans, tent peg); (7) zayin = weapon; (8) cheth = fence; (9) Teth = cake of ...
/a/alphabet.htm - 24k

Bible Concordance
Teth (1 Occurrence)

Psalms 119:65 TETH. Thou hast dealt well with thy servant, O Jehovah, according unto thy word.



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