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Strong's Hebrew
6309. peder -- suet
... suet. Transliteration: peder Phonetic Spelling: (peh'der) Short Definition: suet.
Word Origin of uncertain derivation Definition suet NASB Word Usage suet (3). ...
/hebrew/6309.htm - 5k

... own immortal histories of the Etruscans and Carthaginians should be publicly read
aloud once every year, one in the old building and the other in the new (Suet ...
/.../ grammar of septuagint greek/introduction.htm

The Parable of the Leaven.
... spongy and light. If it were not for these tiny bubbles of gas your bread
would be as heavy and close as suet pudding. This is the ...
/.../anonymous/mother stories from the new testament/the parable of the leaven.htm

Chapter ii.
... Tacitus, describing the transactions of the same reign, uses these words: "Affecti
suppliciis Christiani genus hominum superstitionis novae et maleficae." (Suet ...
// of christianity/chapter ii.htm

To Our Most Rev. Father Laurence Reyner,
... Insuper Auctoris mentem videtur adeo assecutus præfatus collector, ut qui in Auctoris
doctrine suet versati genuinum illius foetum necessario agnoscere debeant ...
/.../to our most rev father.htm

One Argument which Has Been Much Relied Upon but not More than Its ...
... (Suet. in Claud. c. xxv. Dio, lib. ... XXXVIII. [p.555.] Acts 18:1, 2. "Because that
Claudius had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome.". Suet. Gland. c. xxv. ...
/.../paley/evidences of christianity/chapter vi one argument which.htm

The Knowledge of God Naturally Implanted in the Human Mind.
... 2. c. 4. See also Lact. Inst. Div. lib. 3 c. 10. [55] Suet. Calig. c. 51. [56]
Cic. De Nat. Deor. lib. 1 c. 23. Valer. Max. lib. 1. c. 1. ...
/.../calvin/the institutes of the christian religion/chapter 3 the knowledge of.htm

The Sermon on the Mount.
... iv.4). "'Malefic' or 'execrable superstition' was the favorite description
of Christianity among Pagans (Tac., Ann. xv.44; Suet. ...
/.../mcgarvey/the four-fold gospel/xlii the sermon on the 2.htm

First Attempts on Jerusalem.
... temple of Herod.]. [Footnote 2: Luke 2:46, and following; Mishnah, Sanhedrim,
x.2.]. [Footnote 3: Suet., Aug. 93.]. [Footnote 4: Philo ...
/.../renan/the life of jesus/chapter xiii first attempts on.htm

The Form of Concord. AD 1577.
... distinguish three classes"the older friends of Luther (Jonas, his colleague, and
Amsdorf, whom he had consecrated Bishop of Naumburg 'without suet or grease ...
/.../creeds of christendom with a history and critical notes/ 45 the form of.htm

Alexandria and Rome - the Jewish Communities in the Capitals of ...
... [299] Hist. v. 13. [300] Ann. ii. 85, Comp. Suet. Tib. 36. [301] Philo, Leg. ad
Caj. ... Sar ii. 6. [324] Jos. Ant. xii. 3. 1. [325] 44 bc. [326] Suet. Cæs. 84. ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter v alexandria and rome.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(n.) The fat and fatty tissues of an animal, especially the harder fat about the kidneys and loins in beef and mutton, which, when melted and freed from the membranes, forms tallow.
Suet (3 Occurrences)
... and freed from the membranes, forms tallow. Multi-Version Concordance Suet
(3 Occurrences). Leviticus 1:8 and Aaron's sons, the priests ...
/s/suet.htm - 7k

... Yet the geographical work of Agrippa and the preparation of a breviarium totius
imperil by Augustus (Tac. Ann. i0.11; Suet. Aug. ... ii0.99; Suet. Tib. ix.11). ...
/c/chronology.htm - 74k

... predicted, amid the congratulations of his friends, that any offspring of himself
and Agrippina could only prove abominable and disastrous for the public (Suet...
/n/nero.htm - 41k

Grease (1 Occurrence)
... gres (chelebh, "fat," "suet"): The word occurs once in the metaphorical sense
"prosperous," then dull, gross, brutal: "Their heart is as fat as grease" (Psalm ...
/g/grease.htm - 7k

Forum (1 Occurrence)
... 611; Geog. Rav. 4.34). Its existence probably dates from the time of Appius
Claudius Caecus (Suet. Tib. 2; compare Mommsen, Rom. ...
/f/forum.htm - 9k

Fat (150 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. FAT. (chelebh, chelebh): The layer of subcutaneous
fat and the compact suet surrounding the viscera and imbedded in the entrails ...
/f/fat.htm - 44k

Appii (1 Occurrence)
... 611; Geog. Rav. 4.34). Its existence probably dates from the time of Appius
Claudius Caecus (Suet. Tib. 2; compare Mommsen, Rom. ...
/a/appii.htm - 9k

Agabus (2 Occurrences)
... But there is ample evidence of severe periodical famines in various localities
in the reign of Claudius (eg. Suet Claud. 18; Tac. Ann. ...
/a/agabus.htm - 9k

Sueth (1 Occurrence)

/s/sueth.htm - 6k

Sues (2 Occurrences)

/s/sues.htm - 6k

Bible Concordance
Suet (3 Occurrences)

Leviticus 1:8 and Aaron's sons, the priests, shall lay the pieces, the head, and the fat, in order upon the wood that is on the fire which is upon the altar:

Leviticus 1:12 And he shall cut it into its pieces, with its head and its fat; and the priest shall lay them in order on the wood that is on the fire which is upon the altar:

Leviticus 8:20 And he cut the ram into its pieces; and Moses burnt the head, and the pieces, and the fat.



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