Doves' Dung
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Strong's Hebrew
2755. chare yonim -- doves' dung
... 2754, 2755. chare yonim. 2756 . doves' dung. Transliteration: chare yonim Phonetic
Spelling: (khar-ay'-yo-neem') Short Definition: dung. ... doves' dung ...
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Doves' Dung

It is said, 2 Kings 6:25, that during the siege of Samaria, "the fourth part of a cab," little more than half a pint, "of doves' dung was sold for five pieces of silver," about two and a half dollars. As doves' dung is not a nourishment for man, even in the most extreme famine, the general opinion is, that it was a kind of chick-pea, lentil, or tare, which has very much the appearance of doves' dung. Great quantities of these are sold in Cairo to the pilgrims going to Mecca; and at Damascus there are many shops where nothing else is done but preparing chickpeas. These, parched in a copper pan, and dried, are of great service to those who take long journeys.



Doves' Dung

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