Defilement Defile
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Strong's Hebrew
1352. goel -- defiling, defilement
... Word Origin from gaal Definition defiling, defilement NASB Word Usage defiled (1).
defile. From ga'al; profanation -- defile. see HEBREW ga'al. 1351, 1352. ...
/hebrew/1352.htm - 6k

2930. tame -- to be or become unclean
... 1), become defiled (3), become unclean (6), becomes unclean (13), becoming unclean
(1), been defiled (2), defile (25), defiled (38), defilement (1), defiles (5 ...
/hebrew/2930.htm - 6k


Things which Defile
... For Him, defilement was badness, a condition of the soul. And therefore meats could
not defile a man, because they did not reach the heart, but only the bodily ...
/.../chadwick/the gospel of st mark/chapter 7 14-23 things which defile.htm

Of True Fasting and Its Reward: Also of Purity of Body.
... See that the thought never arise in your mind that this flesh of yours is corruptible,
and you misuse it by any act of defilement. If you defile your flesh ...
/.../pastor/the pastor books first second third/similitude fifth of true fasting.htm

Jesus Fails to Attend the Third Passover.
... from within, and ^a 20 these are the things which defile the man ... These uncleannesses
worked no spiritual defilement, but were merely typical of such; for the ...
/.../mcgarvey/the four-fold gospel/lxv jesus fails to attend.htm

Eating with Unwashed Heart Defiles the Man.
... things which proceed out and defile the man do not defile the man because of their
proceeding out of the mouth, but have the cause of their defilement in the ...
/.../origens commentary on the gospel of matthew/15 eating with unwashed heart.htm

Twenty-Fourth Day. Holiness and Cleansing.
... carnal form of sin will enter the spirit, and, dragging it down into partnership
in crime, will defile and degrade it. And so will all defilement of spirit in ...
/.../murray/holy in christ/twenty-fourth day holiness and cleansing.htm

Letter Xlvi. (AD 398. )
... make himself and the crops committed to that man's charge to share the defilement
of that ... I am concerned as to whether this sin does not defile either him who ...
/.../augustine/the confessions and letters of st/letter xlvi a d 398.htm

Titus i. 14-Dec
... All this caution we ought to exercise towards the things that defile the soul. For
that is uncleanness, that is defilement. None of these things is so. ...
/.../homily iii titus i 14-dec.htm

But the Ways in Our Life which Turn Aside Towards Sin are ...
... be sufficient to condemn her, that she had allowed that one to defile the marriage
bed ... If she were, in some fit of weakness, to admit the defilement to her heart ...
/.../gregory/gregory of nyssa dogmatic treatises etc/chapter xv but the ways.htm

Thus Has the Question Been on Both Sides Considered and Treated...
... own, thou do it not; or whether there be an exception of all bodily defilement. ... of
others, be they what they may, those always excepted which defile him on ...
// lying/section 12 thus has the.htm

"And the Blood of Jesus Christ his Son Cleanseth us from all Sin. ...
... if either your daily infirmities trouble, or some grosser pollution defile and waste ...
Who can wash and cleanse here, and presently think of defilement, but with ...
/.../binning/the works of the rev hugh binning/sermon xv and the blood.htm

ATS Bible Dictionary
Defilement Defile

Many were the blemishes of person and conduct that, under the Jewish ceremonial law, were esteemed defilements: some were voluntary; some were inevitable, being defects of nature, others the consequences of personal transgression. Under the gospel, defilements are those of the heart, of the mind, the temper, and the conduct. Moral defilements are as numerous, and as strongly prohibited under the gospel as ever, though ceremonial defilements have ceased, Matthew 15:18 Romans 1:24. See CLEAN.



Defilement Defile

Defilement of Priests

Defilement of Sin

Defilement of Unholy Doctrines

Defilement: Caused by Childbirth

Defilement: Caused by Copulation

Defilement: Caused by Gonorrhea

Defilement: Caused by Killing in Battle

Defilement: Caused by Leprosy

Defilement: Caused by Menses

Defilement: Caused by Spermatorrhea

Defilement: Caused by Touching Carcass of an Unclean Thing

Defilement: Caused by Touching the Carcass of Any Ceremonially Unclean Animal

Defilement: Caused by Touching the Dead

Defilement: Causes of, Improperly Enlarged by Tradition

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Being Alone With a Dead Body

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Burning the Red Heifer

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Child Bearing

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Eating Things That Died

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Eating Unclean Things

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Gathering the Ashes of the Red Heifer

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Going Into a Leprous House

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Having a Leprosy

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Having an Issue

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Mourning for the Dead

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Sacrificing the Red Heifer

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Touching a Dead Beast

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Touching a Dead Body or a Bone

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Touching a Grave

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Touching an Unclean Person

Defilement: Ceremonial Caused by Touching Anything Defiled by an Issue

Defilement: Ceremonial, Abolished Under the Gospel

Defilement: Cleansed by Legal offerings

Defilement: Contact With Sinners Falsely Supposed to Cause

Defilement: Egyptian Usage, Concerning

Defilement: Forbidden to the Jews

Defilement: Laws Relating To

Defilement: Moral, Caused by Blood Shedding

Defilement: Moral, Caused by Following the Sins of the Heathen

Defilement: Moral, Caused by Giving Children to Molech

Defilement: Moral, Caused by Making and Serving Idols

Defilement: Moral, Caused by Seeking After Wizards

Defilement: Moral, Punished

Defilement: Neglecting Purification From, Punished by Cutting off

Defilement: Priests: Not to Eat Holy Things While Under

Defilement: Priests: Punished for Eating of the Holy Things While Under

Defilement: Priests: Specially Required to Avoid

Defilement: Priests: To Decide in all Cases of

Defilement: Things Liable to Ceremonial: Furniture

Defilement: Things Liable to Ceremonial: Garments

Defilement: Things Liable to Ceremonial: Houses

Defilement: Things Liable to Ceremonial: The Land

Defilement: Things Liable to Ceremonial: The Person

Defilement: Things Liable to Ceremonial: The Sanctuary

Defilement: Those Under, Removed from the Camp

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