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... For the understanding of the early history and religion of Israel, the book of Judges,
which covers the period from the death of Joshua to the beginning of the ...
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The Allegory of the Trees Demanding a King, in the Book of Judges ...
... Discourse X."Domnina. Chapter II."The Allegory of the Trees Demanding a
King, in the Book of Judges, Explained. But lest I should ...
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Of the Old Testament, Therefore, First of all There have Been ...
... handed down five books of Moses, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy;
Then Jesus Nave, (Joshua the son of Nun), The Book of Judges together with ...
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Israel's Obstinacy and God's Patience
Book of Judges, and also the history of Israel for over four hundred years. ...
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A Summary of Israel's Faithlessness and God's Patience
of Judges begins a new era, the development of the nation in its land. ...
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A Gentle Heroine, a Gentile Convert
... The peaceful pictures of this little book, multiplied many thousand times, have
to be set as a background to the lurid pictures of the Book of Judges. ...
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That the Jews have Fallen under the Heavy Wrath of God Because ...
... me, him will I blot out of my book." [3818] Likewise in Deuteronomy: They sacrificed
unto demons, and not unto God." [3819] In the book of Judges too: "And the ...
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The Seventh Book
... [372] Against the Midianites also, who, as the Book of Judges relates, had filled
all the land like locusts, Gideon was ordered to fight with a few men, not ...
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The Books of Samuel and Kings.
... Next in the series is Sophtim, that is the book of Judges; and in the same book
they include Ruth, because the events narrated occurred in the days of the ...
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... SAMUEL. Alike from the literary and the historical point of view, the book[1] of
Samuel stands midway between the book of Judges and the book of Kings. ...
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Smith's Bible Dictionary
Book Of Judges

of which the book or Ruth formed originally a part, contains a history from Joshua to Samson. The book may be divided into two parts:--

  1. Chs. 1-16. We may observe in general on this portion of the book that it is almost entirely a history of the wars of deliverance.
  2. Chs. 17-21. This part has no formal connection with the preceding, and is often called an appendix. The period to which the narrative relates is simply marked by the expression, "when there was no king in Israel." ch. (Judges 19:1; 18:1) It records -- (a) The conquest of Laish by a portion of the tribe of Dan, and the establishment there of the idolatrous worship of Jehovah already instituted by Micah in Mount Ephraim. (b) The almost total extinction of the tribe of Benjamin. Chs. 17-21 are inserted both as an illustration of the sin of Israel during the time of the judges and as presenting a contrast with the better order prevailing in the time of the kings. The time commonly assigned to the period contained in this book is 299 years. The dates given in the last article amount to 410 years, without the 40 years of Eli; but in (1 Kings 6:1) the whole period from the exodus to the building of the temple is stated as 480 years. But probably some of the judges were contemporary, so that their total period is 299 years instead of 410. Mr. Smith in his Old Testament history gives the following approximate dates: Periods...Years -- Ending about B.C.:
  3. From the exodus to the passage of Jordan...40 -- 1451.
  4. To the death of Joshua and the surviving elders...[40] -- 1411.
  5. Judgeship of Othniel...40 -- 1371. 4,5. Judgeship of Ehud (Shamgar included)...80 -- 1291.
  6. Judgeship of Deborah and Barak...40 -- 1251.
  7. Judgeship of Gideon...40 -- 1211. 8,9. Abimelech to Abdon, total...[80] -- 1131.
  8. Oppression of the Philistines, contemporary with the judgeships of Eli, Samson (and Samuel?)...40 -- 1091.
  9. Reign of Saul (including perhaps Samuel)...40 -- 1051.
  10. Reign of David...40 -- 1011. Total...480. On the whole, it seems safer to give up the attempt to ascertain the chronology exactly.


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