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The Man and the Book.
... II.1-8, contains, besides echoes of our Book of Jeremiah, references to other
activities of the Prophet of which the sources and the value are unknown to us. ...
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... The interest of the book of Jeremiah is unique. ... Here we touch one of the striking
peculiarities of the book of Jeremiah that much of it is purely narrative. ...
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... A very old and by no means unreasonable tradition assigns the authorship of
the book to Jeremiah. In the Greek version it is introduced ...
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Jeremiah and Deuteronomy. (Chs. vii, viii. 8, xi. )
... The other is of those who maintain that he had no sympathy with legal systems or
official reforms, and that the passages in the Book of Jeremiah which allege ...
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... [5430] That is, Rufinus. See Preface to Book xii. of Isaiah, where Rufinus is called
Grunnius Corocotta Porcellus, and Preface to Book iv. of Jeremiah. ...
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The Writing of an Ancient Book
... Then Jeremiah took another roll and gave it to Baruch, the scribe, who wrote on
it as Jeremiah spoke to him, all the words of the book which Jehoiakim, the ...
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Appendix I.
... So George Douglas (The Book of Jeremiah, London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1903), who,
while assigning Jeremiah's call to 627, relegates the two visions and all the ...
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The Captivity of Judah.
... Besides a portion of the book of Jeremiah and probably of Isaiah which, as suggested
above, belongs to this period, the book of Lamentations, written while in ...
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The Poet.
... The Book of Jeremiah has come to us with all its contents laid down as prose, with
no metrical nor musical punctuation; not divided into stichoi or poetical ...
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Man and the New Covenant.
... It seems to me as I travel through the Book of Jeremiah that here also
is a breaking of dawn"but they are men whom it reveals. ...
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Smith's Bible Dictionary
Book Of Jeremiah

"There can be little doubt that the book of Jeremiah grew out of the roll which Baruch wrote down at the prophet's mouth in the fourth year of Jehoiakim. ch. (Jeremiah 36:2) Apparently the prophets kept written records of their predictions, and collected into larger volumes such of them as were intended for permanent use." --Canon Cook. In the present order we have two great divisions:-- I. Chs. 1-45. Prophecies delivered at various times, directed mainly to Judah, or connected with Jeremiah's personal history. II. Chs. 46-51. Prophecies connected with other nations. Looking more closely into each of these divisions, we have the following sections:

  1. Chs. 1-21, including prophecies from the thirteenth year of Josiah to the fourth of Jehoiakim; ch. 21; belongs to the later period.
  2. Chs. 22-25. Shorter prophecies, delivered at different times, against the kings of Judah and the false prophets. Ch. (Jeremiah 25:13,14) evidently marks the conclusion of a series of prophecies; and that which follows, ch. (Jeremiah 25:15-38) the germ of the fuller predictions in chs. 46-49, has been placed here as a kind of completion to the prophecy of the seventy years and the subsequent fall of Babylon.
  3. Chs. 26-28. The two great prophecies of the fall of Jerusalem, and the history connected with them.
  4. Chs. 29-31. The message of comfort for the exiles in Babylon.
  5. Chs. 32-44. The history of the last two years before the capture of Jerusalem, and of Jeremiah's work int hem and in the period that followed.
  6. Chs. 46-51. The prophecies against foreign nations, ending with the great prediction against Babylon.
  7. The supplementary narrative of ch. 52.


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