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beth-dib-la-tha'-im (beth dibhlathayim; oikos Deblaithaim, literally, "house of Diblathaim"): A town in Moab mentioned with Dibon and Nebo (Jeremiah 48:22). It is probably identical with Almondiblathaim (Numbers 33:46 f). Mesha claims to have fortified it along with Mehedeba and Ba`al-me`on (see MOABITE STONE). The place is not yet identified.

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(house of fig-cakes), a town of Moab, (Jeremiah 48:22) apparently the place elsewhere called ALMON-DIBLATHAIM.

Easton's Bible Dictionary
House of two cakes of figs, a city of Moab, upon which Jeremiah (48:22) denounced destruction. It is called also Almon-diblathaim (Numbers 33:46) and Diblath (Ezek. 6:14). (R.V., "Diblah.")
Bethdiblathaim (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Bethdiblathaim (1 Occurrence). Jeremiah 48:22 And
upon Dibon, and upon Nebo, and upon Bethdiblathaim, (KJV). ...
/b/bethdiblathaim.htm - 7k

Beth-diblathaim (1 Occurrence)
Beth-diblathaim. Bethdiblathaim, Beth-diblathaim. Beth-diblatha'im . ...
Bethdiblathaim, Beth-diblathaim. Beth-diblatha'im . Reference Bible.
/b/beth-diblathaim.htm - 7k

Beth-da'gon (1 Occurrence)
Beth-da'gon. Beth-dagon, Beth-da'gon. Bethdiblathaim . Multi-Version Concordance ...
(See RSV). Beth-dagon, Beth-da'gon. Bethdiblathaim . Reference Bible.
/b/beth-da'gon.htm - 6k

Bible Concordance
Bethdiblathaim (1 Occurrence)

Jeremiah 48:22 And upon Dibon, and upon Nebo, and upon Bethdiblathaim,



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Beth-diblathaim (1 Occurrence)

Beth-da'gon (1 Occurrence)

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