8590. Tanak
תַּעְנָךְ proper name, of a location in Great Plain, [׳ת Baer Gi; van d. H. תַּעֲנָח, except Joshua 21:25; 1 Chronicles 7:29]; usually named with Megiddo: old Can. City, Judges 5:19; Joshua 12:21 ( = Egyptian Ta-'-n-k-â, Ta-'a-na-k, WMMAs.u.Eur.170,195); assigned to Manasseh Joshua 17:11; Joshua 21:25; Jeremiah 1:27; 1 Chronicles 7:29 (yet within territory of Issachar Joshua 17:11; Joshua 19:18ff.); named also 1 Kings 4:12; ᵐ5 Θανααχ, Θααναχ, Ταναχ, etc.; = modern Ta'annuk, approximately 4 2-Janmiles south-southeast from Lejjun (Megiddo), RobBR iii. 117 GuevrinSam. ii. 226 ff. BuhlG 288 f. WilsonHast. DB TAANACH.

Forms and Transliterations
בְּתַעְנַ֖ךְ בתענך תַּעְנַ֖ךְ תַּעְנַ֣ךְ תַּעְנַךְ֙ תַעְנַךְ֙ תענך bə·ṯa‘·naḵ bəṯa‘naḵ betaNach ta‘·naḵ ṯa‘·naḵ ta‘naḵ ṯa‘naḵ tanaCh
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